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Dec 27, 2012 09:50 AM

Grand Central Market to go Upscale in Makeover

Betty Hallock in a piece in the LA Times on Dec. 26 sets out the future plans for a makeover of the GCM in downtown:

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  1. You're gonna see some big name chefs involved possibly, all I can say.

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    1. re: Johnny L

      Oh, yes, when the Ferry Bldg in SF designer is working on things, you can just imagine that the company would not sign on without the assurance of the place being developed with a similar success story.
      Les Halles meets Ferry Building, in a 2-floor configuration.
      Can't wait, although I realize I will have to!

    2. From Grub Street "Already Jonathan Gold is warning the developers, "If they touch Roast-To-Go, I will be down there with a machete."

      1. I was relieved to see that Joseph Shuldiner is involved, and that they are saying they'll keep as many current tenants as they can. Joseph is the instigator and manager of what's been I think accurately described as the "small but exceptionally well-curated" Altadena farmer's market, and I believe he can be trusted with both bathwater (disposal of) and babies (retention of). I do have all available fingers crossed anyway.