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Where to take a man for his 30th birthday?

Hi, I'm an LA native dating a man who is turning 30 in January. I want to take him somewhere really nice for his 30th birthday. We like anything sexy and hip, but with high quality food. Atmosphere is crucial. Knowing him, he'll probably order a steak, but I'm more adventurous. We've been to Mistral and Clio. It will just be him and I. Thanks!

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      I wonder if Boston Chops might be open by then -- it's an innovative "urban steakhouse" specializing in unusual cuts. It's in a really gorgeous room in the South End. Barring that, why not either Deuxave or No. 9 Park?

      1. re: Swankalicious

        Thanks for the heads up. I will be there January 17-20th so maybe we'll be lucky enough to try out the new place- sounds awesome!

    2. IF...........I may be so bold......take him home! a light dinner of cheese, fruit, crackers.maybe some cut up sausage. good music, some wine....and.........well, enjoy

      Failing that, how about something down on the water with a lovely view? The Bay Club used to be a wonderful place overlooking the harbor and planes going into Logan......not sure if there is still anything there

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        That's a wonderful idea! We're staying in a hotel so I have to figure out how to pull it off...hmm...

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          many good restaurants have steak on the menu though I avoid eating steak in a restaurant. Rialto usually has Tuscan steak on its menu for example and even Le Bernadin has a surf and turf option.

      2. I'd book one of the small private dining rooms at Mama Maria's
        in the North End. Might not be hip by today's standards but certainly sexy. Several years ago I reccoed it to a work friend who had just moved up here from New Orleans with his wife and two small children, and was looking for a romantic place for their anniversary dinner. Day after he thanked me and winked.

        1. Start off with a drink at the taj bar. Ask the doorman before you sit down that you'd like the hotel car, last I checked was a jag, to drive you around the Common and drop you at 9 Park.

          1. Hip and steak in this town probably means the new Del Frisco's in the Seaport. I don't like the scene or the steak (Grille 23 on steak alone is probably better, but not as hip). If you said instead of hip and steak, you wanted hip and pig parts, I would highly recommend Craigie on Main. That is a much better restaurant and the kind of place I would have wanted to go to for my 30th, but their steak is not a top item on the menu.

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              Thanks! Went to Del Frisco's once with 2 other couples. Actually enjoyed the scene and the lively bar, but they messed up one of the guy's steaks twice. Ended up giving us everything for free ($900+ food and drinks). Have heard wonderful things about Craigie - really need to try it out.

              1. re: kashm1985

                January at del frisco's will be different feel then the summer. Less crowded with most likely lower prices.
                I enjoy the winter there but it's not for everyone.

            2. If you've done Clio, Mistral, and DF you've set the bar pretty high (I happen to like DF, but most here would at least praise the other two). If you're looking for a restaurant of that quality in this city you've only got a few more options that are at all scene-y.

              Craigie is an awesome suggestion and would be my choice for a blowout meal if dude eats pig. Prezza, if open, would also fit the bill. Craigie = hip, Prezza = sexy (I guess). Market at the W would also work. Though the food isn't on par w/ Craigie or Prezza it does have Jean-Georges' name on it. Plus, it has both the sexy and hip scene, it's downtown, and has a fun lounge. +1 for Deauxave being worth a look as well.

              I would avoid Mamma Maria, the food is excellent but it is the only place in the north end where you're likely to see men eating with jackets on... white tablecloths, old townhouse. Doesn't seem like the atmosphere you're looking for. I'd also toss Erbaluce, TW Food, Bondir, Troquet, and Bergamot into that category.

              For more scene, less food concentration: I haven't been in a while but Towne may still have a lively crowd, the food is decent and they have a wide variety of menu options. I'd put Post 390, Red Lantern, Temazcal, Lucca in this category as well.

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                Wow! Thanks for the suggestions! Have also been to Market and Red Lantern. Craigie seems to be winning, but for some reason i'm still stuck on No. 9 Park...And Deauxave is also looking great too.

                1. re: kashm1985

                  never been to No9 so I can't comment. Apparently they have been adding talented bartenders to what people had already considered a fairly strong team. I think Slim has posted something recently about this.

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                    No. 9 Park is very good. More of a Beacon Hill vibe and the portions are infinitely small, but I think the execution is unmatched other than at L'Espalier or Menton. Deauxave is OK, but not Craigie or No. 9.

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                      I wouldn't consider Craigie sexy.