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Dec 27, 2012 09:03 AM

The Mill Spring Lake

Hey hounds,
My daughter and boyfriend are up from N.C. and are in search of raw oysters. I was planning on sending them to the Mill. What is everyones opinion on this place.??? If not where in Monmouth County (we are in Wall) whould be great???

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  1. The Shipwreck in Brielle has the best selection of oysters in the area. They could try the Happy Hour at the bar on weeknights to save some money.

    I like The Mill for its bar, but, I wouldn't send anyone there specifically for oysters.

    Maybe, Klien's in Belmar is worth a call as well.

    1. Avenue up at Pier Village in Long Branch should have a couple of varieties as well as the Shipwreck south of you in Brielle.

      Otherwise for the greatest variety, you should try the Blue Point Grille in Princeton.

      1. I second JJ's response about the Avenue. Even Rooney's up the street a bit has a nice selection but my first choice would be Avenue.

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          Avenue serves delicious perfectly shucked oysters. They serve them appropriately with mignonette and cocktail sauce. They offer reduced prices on oysters and clams during their happy hour.

          1. re: fershore

            This is what we had last time at Avenue the Seafood Tower...
            Great West Coast & East Coast Oysters, 3 dipping sauces, besides all the other goodies, clams, shrimp etc,.......good choice!

        2. Have to agree with MGZ, Shipwreck would be my pick.