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Dec 27, 2012 08:06 AM

Need special recomendation for Glendale area

There is a early sixties lady who works in my ofice filing papers, who has recovered from brain cancer. Her husband is a truck driver and they are from San Salvador, they live in Glendale . I want to buy her a restuarant gift certificate for her and her husband because they have never been out to a resturant as a romantic dinner in years. It can't be fancy e.g caviar and champagne,sushi, because they would not be comfortable, but I also really dont want it to be a generic chain restuarant. I would like it to be in the Glendale area so they don't have to drive that far, cuisine type is not a issue just a nice intimate restuarant where they can feel special and dress up but not feel uncomfortable. Know it's a tall order to ask but there must be some suggestions.

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  1. Far Niente on Brand Blvd. just north of Wilson is nice, comfortable, intimate Italian. Not anything really special in terms of the food, but good and comfortable and upscale enough to not feel bad if you are dressed up. Carousel, a block farther up Brand is also good - Lebanese / Armenian food - in much the same way.

      1. maybe damon's steak house.

        hmmm... they don't appear to have gift certs avail.

        1. How about the Tam O'Shanter on Los Feliz Blvd. across from Costco, just west of the railroad tracks? Owned by the Lawry's restaurant people, food good for the situation, and comfortable, very comfortable as well.

          1. El Morfi on Brand Ave. across the street from the Alex Theatre is wonderful - it's Argentinian with a strong Italian influence. They have fabulous paella for two. It's nice without being intimidating.