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Dec 27, 2012 07:32 AM

L'Espalier Replacement?

Hi Hounds,

A family friend used to go to L'Espalier for her birthday, but is not as into it since they moved. She's looking for a replacement restaurant -- French, delicious, Greater Boston area, and not more expensive than L'Espalier. Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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    1. re: Klunco

      I find the space at Menton less pleasant than the new space at L'Espalier - it has a cold corporate feel. I also did not find the food as good. I can't think of anyplace with the lovely feel of the old L'Espalier townhouse, alas, but Deuxave is a nice space and vaguely French.

      1. re: teezeetoo

        Agree. The OP wasn't specific about what her friend doesn't like about the new L'Espalier but whatever it is (atmosphere) I would assume Menton would be even less desirable.

        Unfortunately there is nothing that remotely qualifies as a replacement for the old L'Espalier.

    2. Thanks for the thoughts, guys. My friend is turned off by the coldness of the new L'Espalier, as you guessed. I did think of Menton, but I also heard it was even more expensive than L'Espalier (which is hard for me to imagine, but that's what I heard). If it is also a colder space, then I think that's probably out. I can check out Deuxave -- I think she'd be happy with something vaguely French, as long as the food is great and the experience is lovely and special-feeling.

      1. I love L'Espalier, but if not there or Menton, I would say No. 9 Park.

        1. No. 9 Park also sounds like an option -- thanks! What do people think of Lumiere, in Newton?

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          1. re: foodforbrains

            I like Lumiere, but it doesn't feel as special as the other restaurants mentioned above. May just be the ambiance of the storefront location, but I also think the food is not on the same level (although signifcantly cheaper).

          2. What about LaVoile on Newbury Street? It is more bistro/brasserie than fine dining, but the service and quality of the food is solid. It is also quaint and somewhat charming.