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Dec 27, 2012 06:28 AM

I can't believe I'm posting this, but...a good restaurant to take one's mistress?

I feel almost filthy posting this query, but you Hounds ought to have some good tips (though hopefully not firsthand ones). If one were to look for a quiet restaurant at which to break up with a woman whom one has been seeing for a while, and one is married, where might one go? Yes, yes, bad, bad. Back Bay preferred, as is someplace VERY private, quiet, out of the way, yet public enough in case things get "messy." And no, this is not me, nor Mr. Swank!

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  1. L'Espalier used to be the place, but that was in the old location. I've seen a few go down at Casa Romero as well. Something about that building I guess.

    1. I would choose a quiet bar, not a restaurant, so I could do the deed and then escape fast, without the need to wait for food.

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        I think Kat is on the mark with this one. If I were on the receiving end of such a conversation, I would not want to be lingering around waiting for food with the person who just dumped me. Nor would I be happy about eating a meal first, and then getting dumped, as I would probably get sick. A very quiet (but not so quiet that everyone can hear you) bar, with a quick drink to accompany the difficult conversation, and ample opportunity for either party to quickly exit if deemed necessary. The public place is actually a good idea, as it decreases the possibility of a physical encounter that could reverse (or delay!) the decision.

      2. This has to be one of the most unusual posts I've ever seen. Having said that, I....well, I have no idea. Preferably a place on the first floor that has plasticware, food with no sharp bones, at least some carpeting, and is near both a T stop and a police station just in case. Perhaps Caffe Bella Vita on Charles Street?

        1. Mistral. If you're gonna go, go out in style.

          1. I had to have a difficult conversation (regarding elderly relatives) but everyone thought I wanted to break up with someone. My requirements were similar to your friend. Many posts were helpful, some where not-buy a bottle and do it in the car.


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              My 1st thought was the Taj bar, as others have suggested.