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Dec 27, 2012 06:18 AM

Lake Tahoe - especially South

Any dining recommendations for South Lake Tahoe? I have read that it's generally lowest-common-denominator food. Any places that don't fit this bill? thanks!

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  1. I think Evans is the top restaurant for higher end food. Naked Fish has great sushi.

    1. Swiss Chalet in South Lake Tahoe is good alternative- nice ambiance, a nice prix fixe option and authentic fondue.

      Far more choices in the North End - a new quite lavish one in Homewood right on the water, the West Shore Cafe and Inn and the Swiss Lakewood Restaurant, as well as the venerable Sunnyside.

      1. Maybe too late to help OP but we had a really nice lunch at Riva Grill. Same owners as Gar Woods on the North Shore but, IMO, much better.


          Freshies has good fish tacos. A little overpriced but decent food which is hard to come by.

          Macduffs is supposed to be good, upscale pub food but I haven't been in due to the high cost of entrees.

          Getaway Cafe, has good, solid food.

          Artemis Mediterranean is hit or miss but can be good.

          And orchids Thai is always tasty.

          Other than that, it's kinda sad.

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            Have any new restaurants opened in South Lake Tahoe over the past year?

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              prima, we live at the North Shore and never go to South Shore but here's a link where you can specifiy CA or NV South. The casinos and more activity are on the NV side. Maybe once you have some specific names you can find some reviews on yelp or tripadvisor. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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                Thanks, c oliver. (I don't see the link yet, if you have a chance to edit, could you paste it again?):)

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                  Oops. Sorry I didn't see this til just now!


                  RevrendAndy knows his way around restaurants btw.

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                    Thanks for the link, c oliver! :)

                    Just adding links to the restos RevrendAndy recommended, for easy reference:



                    Does anyone have a favourite go-to in South Lake Tahoe for coffee and/or pastries? Thanks for any ideas. Noticed Tahoe House in Tahoe City mentioned online.

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                      I'll plan to visit The Naked Fish. Evans is a little out of my price range. I'd prefer to keep mains under $25.
                      Does anyone have any recs for other decent restaurants, with fish/seafood/vegan dishes you'd recommend? I might be meat/egg/dairy-free while visiting South Lake Tahoe. I've got Artemis on the short list.

          2. Evans is the best "fine dining" on south shore. It's contemporary American dining. Naked Fish has great sushi.

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