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Non dairy mashed potatoes

Our traditional New Years Day feast includes mashed potatoes, but one of our regulars can no longer eat dairy. Any suggestions for a substitute?

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  1. I've heard of using avocado as a replacement for dairy in mashed potatoes.

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      That's a fascinating idea, and they would be so pretty, too.

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        will taste great, but your potatoes will be a bit grey-ish...

      2. I don't use dairy. My recipe uses carmelized onions, mustard, and some potato cooking liquid. Let me know if you'd like me to post details

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          Potato water! Of course! With garlic carmelized in olive oil, and a little chopped scallion garnish. Thanks for the tip.

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            And definitely add all that olive oil in which you sauteed the garlic!

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              Definitely. I'm getting excited... My friend is so glum about having to eat different foods from the rest of us, this will help and be delicious for all of us.

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                Is it a vegan/vegetarian thing? Or just a dairy thing? Cause a little sprinkle of crisp bacon bits wouldn't be something to which I'd say no... :-D

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              Bay leaf is good with the garlic in the cooking liquid.

          2. Olive oil an vegetable broth is my typical approach. Easy, flavorful, and always on hand.

            1. We almost always use olive oil to taste and enough of the the water that we boiled the potatoes in to make them adequately moist, along with salt and pepper.

              1. chicken broth, garlic sauteed i olive oil, including the oil.

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                  Chicken broth and garlic for us, too...

                2. If you want to replicate more traditional mashed potatoes and she/he isn't veggie than start by cooking the potatoes in chicken broth for added depth of flavor. Boil a few garlic cloves in with the potatoes, they will disappear when you mash the potato but will add a nice hint of garlic.

                  For the mouth feel of dairy you can use a variety of unflavored non dairy substitutes-almond, coconut and soy are pretty neutral in small amounts. Earth balance makes a really nice dairy free butter substitute.

                  The end result will be very much like the traditional dairy one.

                  If you want to be really decadent make Jamie Olivers olive oil ones. So good!


                  1. Use some EVOO and fresh herbs.

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                      I use either chicken stock or soy milk or both, plus butter (but not sure if this is okay for her?) if not then EVOO. Plus adding in a touch of anchovy paste heightens the flavour, or wasabi mashed are lovely if it fits with the rest of your menu. If you are using soy milk, be sure you buy the unsweetened one. my SO can't tell when I use soy vs. milk.

                    2. Even though neither hubby or I are dairy-intolerant, we sometimes enjoy using chicken broth as a sub for dairy in mashed potatoes. Just the usual Swanson's in a carton, with whatever other seasonings you want to add.

                      1. Can she eat dairy if it is treated with lactase, such as the lactose free milk and butter? I made mine with these and they were fine.

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                          No, she can't eat dairy even with the lactase AND she is vegetarian.

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                            Vegetarian too! I would definitely recommend the soy milk then, it is thick enough to add creaminess, can she do butter? if not, I would go with olive oil, roasted garlic and some soy. Also, consider getting a ricer or potato masher, grab the right kind of potatoes and these things will help with texture too.

                        2. Modernist Cuisine recommends treating your potato puree with diastatic malt powder to give a creamy texture without any added dairy (or fat). The caveat is you've got to incubate the mixture at ~55C which requires some kind of bag-in-water-bath setup, a bit more work than traditional potato puree. Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtSiho...

                          1. Combination of chicken stock, roasted pureed cauliflower and pureed parsnip usu. does the trick.

                            1. Some years ago I had (in some random pub in Scotland, of all places) mashed potatoes made with coarse, whole-grain mustard instead of butter and cream. Tastes nothing like the traditional mashed potatoes, of coarse.

                              If you're open to potato options other than mashed, how about a German potato salad - a hot salad made with oil and vinegar instead of dairy? It usually has bacon, but that can be left out for vegetarians. I've occasionally served purees of potatoes and turnips: the turnips are lighter than the potatoes and cut some of the starchiness without using dairy.

                              1. Use some of the potato water - also add cauliflower and treat as the potatoes (a yam or sweet potato helps, too, and can sub for butter richness), add some of that water (adds depth of flavor and a little sweetness). Smooth out with some veggie broth if needed. If you want to get a creamy quality, add soft silken tofu.

                                1. I was in a cooking class in France. While we were working on some dishes, the chef played around with potatoes and he made mashed potatoes with olive oil. He just rolled the mashed potatoes around in the pan. Then he let us taste it and it was delicious. I have never tried this.

                                  Everyone's suggestions sound pretty good. One other item to consider is garlic squeezed from roasted bulbs.

                                  1. Lots of alternatives to dairy for masked potatoes. chicken stock is a tasty sub. Some varieties of potatoes actually have a rather buttery flavor. If you can find some of those, they are outstanding mashed with some good olive oil and sea salt.

                                    Roasted garlic and/or caramelized onions are great in mashed potatoes whether or not you use dairy.

                                    1. Try using a ricer or food mill for easy smooth texture. Helps with the add ins consistency.
                                      Or carefully a mixer because they can get gummy unwatched.
                                      Good luck!

                                      1. Following some suggestions here, I used potato water, caramelized garlic and the olive oil it was cooked in, chopped scallion tops and a little lemon juice to make yesterday's mashed potatoes. They were tasty and a real hit, although I like my original recipe with butter and cream better! I think everyone appreciated that the meal, with the exception of the roast beef, was lighter and not as calorie-laden. (I also had butternut squash with a little sesame oil and molasses, and sauteed string beans and peppers with an oriental glaze). We are getting into our sixties and seventies, and are eating smaller portions and lighter meals in general, although the seven of us non-vegetarians polished off a six pound boneless prime rib!

                                        So thanks for the comments and suggestions!