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Dec 27, 2012 05:22 AM

Quick help for tonight

My wife and I are in town from SF and had an awesome meal last night at De Andrea. Loved the local feel, incredibly good food and service. My wife is a quasi vegetarian and they had lots of interesting choices for her. We don't need fancy necessarily, just great quality.

We need a place for tonight. Mediteranean, American or even middle eastern would be great. Suggestions would be appreciated. We are staying near Grand Central but can go anywhere.

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  1. How much do you want to pay? Anything else you can tell us to help narrow down your choices would help us help you.

    What did you get at Da Andrea last night?

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    1. re: Pan

      Price isn't a huge concern. Last night, my wife got the grilled vegetable tower app, fresh pasta with mixed vegetables and a tomato sauce. I got an incredible seared salmon with artichokes, sundried tomatoes and Dijon mustard sauce. We shared a mixed berry zabaglione in puff pastry dessert. Awesome!

      1. re: j4sharks

        Well, Ai Fiori has some great cocktails, but it is fancy. Kathryn mentions Momofuku Ssam Bar. I had lunch there again last week and though it was a really good value and consistently delicious. I had no cocktails but did have some good wine.

      2. re: Pan

        Also, a place that has a good bar and interesting cocktails is always a plus! Lastly, somewhere we can get in on short notice would help. We tried many places on this site, but they are all booked up.

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          In terms of cocktails, of the ones I listed below, I'd do Acme or Public. However, given that you are planning so last minute and your wife is vegetarian, it'll be tough.

          These restaurants have serious cocktail programs in line with the whole craft cocktail movement & some even have bartenders that have worked at places like PDT, etc:
          Gramercy Tavern - you'd need to wait for a table in the Tavern Room
          Eleven Madison Park - you can dine a la carte at the bar
          The Modern - the bar room looks pretty booked up
          Peels - not very vegetarian friendly I think
          Ma Peche - not sure if you eat Asian food...
          Momofuku Ssam Bar - not sure if you eat Asian food...
          WD-50- you can dine a la carte at the bar
          Minetta Tavern - not very vegetarian friendly, very crowded
          Locanda Verde - you can dine a la carte at the bar, will be very crowded

      3. Looking om OpenTable to it for two, I see availability around 6-7pm at:
        Boulud Sud
        Colicchio & Sons
        Gotham Bar & Grill
        Mas Farmhouse
        Mas Grillade

        Do you eat Indian food? Both Tulsi and Junoon have availability as well.

        Check out the menus online for appropriateness for your wife (try menupages if you can't find one).

        1. "We don't need fancy necessarily, just great quality. "

          Go to Eataly and sit at the counter of the Verdure "restaurant" there. As the name suggests, it is vegetarian. The food is wonderful and even a carnivore, like myself, can easily enjoy it.

          PS...glad to hear you enjoyed Da Andrea!

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          1. re: ttoommyy

            That's a good suggestion. And then go somewhere else, such as Bathtub Gin, for cocktails.

            1. re: Pan

              Post Eataly, I'd do Raines Law Room or Flatiron Lounge for cocktails. They're also closer than Bathtub Gin.

              1. re: kathryn

                Agree with both of Kathryn's suggestions.

                1. re: downtownchica

                  Thanks for all the great tips. We ended up having a great meal at Mas Farmhouse, where we both got the chefs tasting menu. My wife's was vegetarian, and both of our meals were really exceptional, as was the service. Great cocktails too! Very special place.