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Dec 27, 2012 05:15 AM

Something different and interesting (or anything at all) for take out in Centereach/Holbrook etc area? (New Years Eve)

We have a doctor appt New Years Eve afternoon on Middle Country Rd, so thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and get our traditional take out for home later on, rather than going out after dark.

Christmas Eve, we just had pizza and sushi locally here near Riverhead (lunch and dinner, not together!), so I was getting ready to default to hubby's favorite, Chinese. We usually hit Tofu in Farmingville after the doctor but wondering if Yao's Diner is still open. (If not, I know it's all my fault, I remember them every time we go to the area but never could find them while driving down Middle Country Rd in the traffic.) And if so, any suggestions on selections?

We have good Turkish here in Riverhead, but maybe we'll just hit Pita House on 112 for old times sake. Love chatting with the owner and it's been years. I feel like there was some kind of really good South American chicken place too, also in the Centereach area: I don't want to go all the way into Patchogue village and get caught in the maze although I know there's some good south of the border there. Just a quick stop somewhere would be to my liking.

We's also done the take out buffet at Whole Foods but that got old fast!

Just curious what those of us that live out here would do. I need inspiration! Hubby would be totally happy with White Castle, and maybe I'll get a bagful for an appetizer for him, but hoping for something a little different for myself.

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  1. Your mention of a South American chicken place reminded me that years ago I tried Fax-Chix from recommendations on Chowhound. Divey, but good.

    868 Horseblock Rd Farmingville, NY 11738‎
    (631) 736-4600

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    1. re: MacTAC

      Oh wow, we used to go there when we lived in the area, up until 10 years ago. I'm going to check if they are still around, thanks, great idea! We also LOVED Ole Restaurant, sort of next door, but not for takeout. A great place to hang and have a cozy Portugese meal. Also divey, but I love that in a bar/restaurant!

    2. Yao's diner is still open and fabulous. It's across from the Reptile place. Easy to miss.
      Our Turkish place here in Riverhead has not recovered from the flood.
      How about Carnivale?? Golden Chopsticks? Gyro Palace? Sabai Thai? Ten Ten?

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      1. re: Motosport

        I really do want to try Yao's, there were a flurry of reviews here a year ago and then nothing. Very excited to know they're still there.

        Thanks for the list, all I ever notice over there is the abundance of chain restaurants. I will definitely be returning with a report; we do like to get a little of this and a little of that for an all night feast (while watching Twilight Zone!) otherwise I don't make it to midnight!

        1. re: coll

          Yao's made the Newsday top 10 list today!!

          1. re: Motosport

            I'm always on the cutting edge! Now it'll probably be mobbed.

            Glad you pointed this out, it looks a lot nicer than I imagined. I might just get the recommended dishes, they all sound perfect for us. And I also noticed the Thai place in Lake Ronkonkoma, that might be a nice mix.

            1. re: coll

              Got take out from them about a month ago. I've had the lamb with cumin, great. And some dish that was something like chili crab, also great. Whole steamed fish was OK, but not knock your socks off.

              1. re: sbp

                Thanks for the recs, the lamb with cumin is a done deal, two of my favorite ingredients. I did find the PDF of their menu here, some seafood would be great too.

      2. Coll, try Yao's Diner in Centereach. It is the store with the 2' high yellow sign in Chinese and 4" high in English.

        The food is VERY Chinese and delicious. I like the lamb dish. Some of the choices were a little to exotic for me such as 'Frog Cooked in Black Pan". It is MUCH different from Hy Ting's usual fare. It is by far, the best and most authentic Chinese food in Suffolk County.


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        1. re: Fred19

          Thanks Fred, when it comes to Chinese I respect your judgement! I have decided on Yao's for sure, the lamb seems like a given, and then maybe the Thai place in Lake Ronkonkoma for some spring roll appetizers, for which my husband has developed a fondness. I was wondering about the frog, my Mom actually used to get that and rabbit in the frozen section at A&P in the 1960s and make them both French style for dinner. Ha; they both tasted like chicken...but with lots more bones. She must have been watching Julia Child while we were at school, I guess. I think for my first time at Yao's, I'll get something else like Kung Pao that my husband will at least recognize! I'm starting to look forward to Monday immensely.

          1. re: coll

            Coll; The menu did not say Frog's Legs, it said Frog. Good luck at Yao's. Maybe if they like you they will give you the long chop sticks, which they usually reserve for the Oriental customers.

            The Orient in Bethpage is still excellent. I was there last week.


            1. re: Fred19

              FYI: The only thing we did not like at Yao's was the hot and sour soup. I think it was probably good but too foreign to my taste buds.

              1. re: Motosport

                That's fine, I make my own hot and sour soup, so will definitely get something I've never tried before. I saw Newsday recommended a beef soup (Westlake?) probably will split that.

                And I'll let you know on the chopsticks!

              2. re: Fred19

                Everyone likes Coll!!! She will score the long chop sticks.

                1. re: Fred19

                  Can you tell us your favorite dishes at Orient? I've done takeout there several times, and its hit and miss. The menu is very generic, and when I try to go "off menu," it's a struggle. I'll ask if they have gai lan, dou miao, etc., to show I mean business, but I get resistance.

            2. We were wowwed by Yao! Now I know why people seek out places like this. I am glad we are going to be in the area on a regular basis and can stop in again. We were lucky enough to join Motosport and his lovely wife, who helped in our meal choices which was much apprecitated. Not your typical Chinese menu, but not as far off as I thought either.

              The Westlake beef soup was light but full of flavor, everyone loved it. Dumpling appetizer seemed homemade, almost airy . Lamb with cumin was everything I was hoping, almost all meat (as were all the dishes) with a burst of flavor; such a relief to not have the giant vegetable fill ins that I am used to here on Long Island. They specially made pork lo mein for my husband, it was not on the menu but done with a smile. Very glad the smoked duck was ordered, better than any BBQ meat I've ever had, just melted in your mouth. And the eggplant dish..well, I love Chinese eggplant but never had one with such a texture. Everything was perfection, I was very impressed.And it wasn't as spicy hot as I was expecting, it was just right.

              Glad we didn't get take out, it was totally comfortable eating in and the service was impeccable. Now I see why it was rated one of the top 10 restaurants on Long Island this year!