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Dec 27, 2012 12:34 AM

Raddish tops?

In my most recent trip to the market, the raddishes I got came with their tops. Are raddish tops used in a similar fashion to beet greens? Are there recommendations for the best way to use these?

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  1. You can use them in a mixed green salad with other, less bitter lettuces or leafy greens.

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    1. re: jmcarthur8

      Are they best used raw? While these don't look so bad I'd just toss them, they're not as attractive looking as a green I'd want to eat raw.

      1. re: cresyd

        I haven't tried cooking radish greens, but if they don't look great, it's worth a try. I cooked up some kohlrabi greens a few weeks ago that were past their prime, and they were pretty good.

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          try tossing them with a little water and pitching them in the fridge - they might perk up a bit.

      2. a friend of mine loves them in stir fries, too.

        1. I love radish greens, they are a bit spicy. If I don't use them right away, I chop and freeze, to add to future stews and soups. I do like to eat them cooked and mixed into something else.

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          1. They tend to go pretty quick if you don't get them off the raddish soon after getting them home.

            I use them raw in salads. Quite peppery like the rest of the plant.

            1. Since they are often ratty looking, I always use them in soup. They are excellent that way. I use butter, leeks, radish tops, potatoes, and water, cook, add milk, season. Basically they are put into a simple potato soup.

              Clean them well first, they're gritty.

              Oh, and puree that soup.

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              1. re: saltwater

                I've got ham broth, potatoes, leeks and some beautiful radishes ready to pick in the garden. Thanks for the idea of potato soup!
                Had some of the radish greens tonight in our salad (with the leaf lettuces from our garden, too! One benefit of living in the southern states).

                1. re: jmcarthur8

                  Indeed, growing things at this time of year is a real plus. Enjoy your soup! Now I'm wishing I had some radish tops.