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Dec 27, 2012 12:07 AM

Osteria Dei Ganzi

New Italian place is opening up in January 2013 in the Gooderham Mansion formerly occupied by Honey's Beestro Grand Hive.

Dug around a bit through social media and it looks like owners or management are connected to Roosavelt Room.

This is about a block away from us and a cool space so looking forward to it. Almost anything is better than Honey's Beestro so remaining optimistic for this otherwise cursed location, but beautiful space.

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  1. i wish that everyone who was opening a restaurant would hire someone to properly copy edit their stupid blurb splash page

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    1. re: disgusti

      Good lord, yes. Who wrote that copy? A 12 year old?

      1. re: Googs

        I'm frankly glad to see that the ambiance is "unpatrolled." Hiding from the patrols at other restaurants has become tiresome. Face it folks: the trend is dead.

    2. Took a few months longer but the place is now open. Pics up on their FB page

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      1. re: ylsf

        They have been open a couple of weeks now. Menu looks interesting. Anyone try it? The space is very cool so hope they can do something with it.

        1. re: abigllama

          I would also like to know if anyone has had a meal at Ganzi and can share their opinion?

          1. re: 00CP

            Went for dinner this past Saturday night. Wasn't impressed.

            Sat down at 8:00 pm and they were reasonably busy - at least where we were sitting. Our waitress didn't show up until 8:40 pm, by which point we decided to just order drinks with dinner.

            Appetizers included the Misto Wood Board, Caprese Salad, and Caponatina Crostini. The salads and crostini were bland at best, thought the Wood Board was decent.

            Main courses were two pizzas (Margherita and Piccante), Spigola, Mucca Pezzata (steak) and the Pollo Scaloppine. Everything was OK - not bad, not great, and the Piccante pizza had no flavour except for the spice of the chilis. The size of Spigola was possibly the tiniest piece of fish I've ever seen.

            Also had a couple of rounds of cocktails and Heineken. Had hoped for draft beer, but they don't have a list of beers and rely on the wait staff to provide the information. However, our waitress had such a thick accent, that we honestly couldn't understand what she was saying.

            All of the cocktails, including martinis, were served in coupe glasses. The drinks were at maximum 2 oz, and priced between $10 and $16, we all thought that they were small for the price.

            Only reason to return would be to have a beer and maybe an appetizer on the patio when the weather heats up. Definitely feels like they're trying to cater more to the Rosedale crowd than anything else.

            Certainly not worth the $80 per person, without dessert.

            1. re: CarNut

              Good review.

              We stopped in here during Pride last weekend. Similar results. Our server was really great and rec'd a fantastic wine. We just split a salad and a prosciutto pizza. Everything was pretty good but not great.

              We each had a classic martini which was good but expensive at $14. Can't remember the name of the wine we had now and kicking myself for it, but it was awesome and the highlight of the meal.

              It's just a couple of blocks from us and really, really enjoy the space. We definitely go back to try something else but not really in a rush.

      2. We had not been back since shortly after they opened. Friends raved about the food recently and we decided to give it another try. Really enjoyed our meal here last night.

        The cocktails to start were excellent. SO had a beet, I had a cucumber, can't remember the names. They'd recently overhauled the cocktail list and they were excellent.

        We split the arugula salad. The salad was gigantic, glad we decided to split, and it was excellent. Had drunken raisins in it which were a nice touch.

        I had the Orecchiette with spicy sausage, SO had the Pappardelle with prochetta ragu. Both were excellent. The sausage in mine was particularly awesome. Gigantic portions, we're both big eaters and could barely finish. Didn't have the pizza but what came out of the kitchen looked really great.

        Definitely going to head back and try more of the menu. This was much, much better than when we visited a couple of years back.

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        1. re: abigllama

          Thanks for this review, abigllama--it's timely, because we've been trying to choose a neighbourhood walk-to venue to celebrate an anniversary. We've looked at Ganzi so often and said "we really should try this place," but for one reason or another we haven't been there yet. So your review is just the nudge we needed!

          Will report back after the event.

          1. re: waydowntown

            Glad to help and looking forward to hearing how it goes. We're going to go try more of the menu in a couple of weeks.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            We still go fairly regularly since it's just around the corner. Brought a large group of friends there and everyone enjoyed it.

            Some things are better than others. The arancini was average and a bit on the dry side. The pizza is very good but not great. All of the pastas have been excellent and seem to be where they shine.

            The space is still great, service generally very good, and there's interesting cocktails.

            1. re: abigllama

              Some might notice that the building is pretty darned close to identical to the York Club. It was intended to be an homage/copy.

            2. re: Food Tourist

              Food is decent; service is abysmal. Went for dinner a couple months ago. They left us waiting a few minutes at the front despite there being a ton of space, when they sat us they sat us in the first room which was full of large groups and was unbelievably loud, even though there was plenty of space in other rooms. Multiple items on the menu were "sold out", including 3 of the 5 or so beers, the more popular charcuterie platter, and some other things. We weren't informed that these things were sold out until we tried to order them, so it's likely that there were other sold out items too. We had the other charcuterie platter and it wasn't very good - tasted like meats and cheeses you'd buy at a Rabba. When we went to pay at the end, they said the machine was broken so it was cash only - again, didn't tell us until we tried to pay with a credit card. Had to take out money from their ATM. The other food (pizza and pasta) was okay, not good.
              Overall, it just struck me as an incredibly badly run restaurant. I got the sense that the machine wasn't actually broken, but that they just didn't want to pay the fees - I saw other reviews from different times saying that the machine was broken then too. I absolutely would not recommend this place.