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Dec 26, 2012 09:27 PM

Let's call it swanky

My daughter is in town and we want a very good place for dinner. Something like Bix or Boulevards, she's pretty straight forward food wise. Thinking Jardiniere for a drink, not sure about dinner there something else close by? Or place we can get a cocktail before dinner elsewhere? She does like meat, so-so for fish.

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  1. Absinthe in Hayes Valley? It's pretty straight forward and not to far from Jardiniere.

    1. The scallops at Jardiniere are amazing. I love eating there. Tjinsf recommends Absinthe which - for me - is nothing more than high-priced (but tasty) French bistro food. I'd stick with Jardiniere! Great choice and stunning atmosphere!

      1. Absinthe is near by.

        Havent ben to the new or Plaj.

        Are you looking for a swanky place?

        1. In that area, Absinthe would probably be your best choice; It is a french bistro, but it is creative and incredibly well-executed. Jardiniere is pricier and the food is less "straight forward" (but also excellent).

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            I think Jardiniere is plenty straight forward. Lamb sugo. Chicken. Sea Bass. I would go to Absinthe for a drink (they're better for that) and Jardiniere for dinner. The problem with Jard. is the price performance ratio, and since you didn't mention that - and want swank - I think it's a good choice.