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Dec 26, 2012 08:49 PM

Overnight sashimi (over the expiry date stated)

I just bought a box of sashimi(raw salmon) roll yesterday from the supermarket and it was stated at the box to be expired the exact day. (26th) but too bad, I didn't get a chance to eat it yesterday and was wondering if its still edible today. Thank you! Oh, and I kept it refrigerated as soon as I arrived home !

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    1. I think yes, as long as it still smells good

      1. yeah as long as it doesn't smell weird I'd eat it.

        'sides the ginger, wasabi and soy do sort of a ceviche-like curing. (if used)

        1. In Hawaii, where raw fish in various forms is a regular part of the diet, my way of dealing with this situation (not stale enough to throw out, not fresh enough to eat raw) was to make a quickie stir-fry or fried rice of some kind. Naturally I never served it to anyone other than myself.

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            and since it's sashimi, not maki (as that rice does not last long)...

          2. <Oh, and I kept it refrigerated as soon as I arrived home !>

            It should be fine. Smell it, touch it to be sure, but it should be fine. Had you not refrigerated it, then it is definitely not good.