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Dec 26, 2012 08:45 PM

2 days in Philly/early am recs and fois gras search

Hello hounds,

I'm looking for recs for a mid-day stay around the city center area (staying at the Bellvue Hyatt). A combination of cheap eats and Philly must-haves will be appreciated. I am already planning on hitting up the Reading Terminal Market and the Dim Sum Garden possibly. Flying in on the red-eye so an early am breakfast place is needed. And a recommendation for a reasonably priced ($30-40/pp) nice dinner would also be helpful.
Also bonus points for recommending a good place for fois gras. It's been banned in CA so it will be nice to treat myself......

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  1. Im very happy you already know about Dim Sum Garden, thats my spot!(although they use MSG a lot) try the pork and cabbage soup & scallion pancakes, and of course pork soup dumplings.
    For lunch you MUST try Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai if you are a fan of vietnamese food/ Phó! the pho special is the best i have evey had. Its so cheap and you get so much phó!(6.95 for XL Phó) its right in the heart of chinatown and you can walk around once your done eating.
    I dont know much about fois gras but if you find a good spot, reply back for me.
    Bar Ferdinand is a nice tapas dinner spot.and the oyster house has a $1 oyster happy hour from 5-7 and the crowds aren't too bad.
    When your in reading Terminal Market go to the sang kee peeking duck stand and ask for a "peeking duck roll"- its amazing little duck roll up. and the beef jerkey stand is rlly good too.

    Have fun !

    1. There are lots of great places to get foie gras, check out this thread:

      Many of the restaurants mentioned should fall in your price range (excluding alcohol).

      There are a few 24-hour diners in Center City but nothing is going to rock your socks off. You could walk over to Little Pete's on 17th St, just a few block away. Decent little diner and there might be some characters in there.

      FWIW I have to give a big thumbs down to Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai, there are many places to get much better pho (though I don't know any in Chinatown), I would avoid especially coming from Cali where the Vietnamese food tends to be better all around.

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        Who has better Pho? i really enjoy choo choo's

      2. The Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal Market opens at 8 AM for breakfast. Great pancakes & apple dumplings. Not sure how early in this AM you are looking for...