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Dec 26, 2012 08:26 PM

Finalized Choices, Arriving Tomorrow Night 27th. Please Provide Specific Dishes If Possible...Thank you

Friday 28th
Breakfast - Grand Lux Cafe
Lunch - Estiatorio Milos
Dinner - The Barrymore

Saturday 29th
Breakfast / Brunch - Bouchon
Lunch - Grimaldis (Palazzo)
Dinner - Le Cirque - Pre Theater
Late Night Snack - Tacos El Gordo

Saturday 30th
Breakfast / Brunch - Wynn Buffet
Lunch - North Outlet Mall
Dinner - Cut @ 9pm

Sunday 31st
Breakfast - Palazzo Area

Any specific Apps Or Mains would be most apreciated.
Thank you

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  1. For lunch at Milos we've found it best to stick with some of the basics - specifically the meze sampler and the lavraki. Some of the other items we've tried were not all that great (specifically the crabcake and the lobster pasta), and they all involved supplemental charges. The one supplemental item we did enjoy was the octopus. Have fun - it's a great deal.

    1. Great list.
      The Barrymore is one of my favorite restaurants. Although I've enjoyed about everything I've ever tried there, certain things I wouldn't order again. They are the devilled eggs (which don't seem to be on the menu any longer), the lobster mac and cheese (it'll impress your friends, but you can probably make a better one), and the curried squash (kept burping up spices during my night on the town). The scallop entree is suited for a smaller appetite whereas the steaks are much heartier. The specials are usually quite good - if they have the whole Canadian bluefoot chicken (serves several people), definitely go for that. Otherwise, order whatever looks good to you'll be fine.
      Bouchon - I've never been very excited by their daily omlets since I'm not a huge fan of eggs for breakfast. The chicken and waffles is probably my favorite dish followed by just putting together a breakfast of side orders (a croissant, berries and cream, and some sausage). If I can talk my comanions into it, we'll sometimes get the seafood platter (awesome, but it really inflates the bill) and almost always follow up the meal with a cheese plate. Everything is very well prepared, but some items impress me more than others.
      For the tacos, I'd suggest some of the less common meats like cabeza (head - cheek really), tripas (tripe that is braised and then cooked on the flat top until crispy), lengua (braised tongue), and the sliced red pork cooked on a gyro-like vertical spit (I can't think of the name right now).

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        That's great fledflew, really looking for a great trip.
        Any and all suggestions are welcomed ... Thank you

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          I think the vertical spit dish you are trying to think of is adobado, and it's my favorite dish at Gordo. Be sure and snag some of the free chilies and scallions, too.

        2. Probably the most popular dining options at the North Outlet Mall is the Makino Japanese buffet, but if you are willing to travel less than a mile, you'll be at Mundo. It's a very popular upscale Mexican place. Most Chowhounds seem to like it more than me, but it's definitely a step up from Makino.