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Dec 26, 2012 08:17 PM

Best Sushi in Brooklyn

In Williamsburg there's a Japanese restaurant without a sign. It's on a quiet street ( S.2nd St.) It's on equal ground as any of the better Manhattan restaurants. The restaurant's name is "1 or 8." I searched the threads but didn't find any reviews on this place. I had the omakase, they have 3 different prices, the highest being $100 ( more reasonable than places like Ichimura, 15 East, Kanoyama etc). The fish was excellent as was the shari. There were many fish varieties from Japan. The bluefin tuna was very good ( i personally enjoyed the chu toro better than the otoro). The anago was exceptional. The chef was the original chef at Jewel Bako, later Geisha. His name is Kazuo Yoshida. The atmosphere is modern , "white" comfortable, Japanese. There are plenty of tables and a good size sushi bar. The service is perfect. The staff extremely friendly. I heard from other patrons that the kitchen food is excellent. One dish I was told was amazing, the shortrib dish. I will try the cooked food next time. I highly recommend this place. By far the best sushi in Brooklyn and worth the trip from Manhattan.

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  1. I have posted on 1 or 8 many times. Not sure why the search function would not find it.

    I live a few blocks away and eat there weekly.

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      I searched and searched. Anyway, I am glad you also like the place. I do want to try the cooked food, and I was surprised by the chef serving a pretty traditional omakase. When he put Geisha on the map, he was doing all sorts of modern style dishes served in martini glasses etc. I actually wouldn't mind trying a few of those once in awhile. Yoshida-san can get very creative. I know him long before Jewel Bako. He is a good guy and although I live in Manhattan, I will be at 1 or 8 often.
      I just searched out your posts by clicking your name. i found several on 1 or 8. I am shocked that this place has been around so long. Here I thought it was a new restaurant. It still looks new when you walk inside. It is a beautiful place. I didn't know Yoshida-san was the second chef at JB , i thought he was first. I know Massa came after him. But I'm thinking he learned how to do the anago so well from Massa. I try to keep track of where chefs go. I didn't, however, keep up on this chef. I know he actually was Sushi Samba for a short time also and he was at a place called Match also. I enjoyed my meal there and will be back. Very often.

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        I love 1 or 8 and think it one of the most versatile Japanese restaurants in the city. Impeccable sushi but creative non-sushi modern Japanese entrees as well, like duck two ways. Drinks are wonderful and the sake selection is first rate. If you do not know sake let the man who is clearly the front of the house (I can't remember his name) guide you. If you have not dined at 1 or 8 do so - you are missing out!

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          They also have a chef's table for two people in the kitchen. They do a tepanyaki menu.

          Ask about it.

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            The wild thing is that I did not know 1 or 8 was open for a year and I live just a few blocks away. That is how under the radar their opening was. Nothing even on the food blogs.

            They keep getting better and better fish as their business grows.

            1. re: sushiman

              Yeah the fish seemed very good. The Otoro was ok, the chu toro was better. It was nice that they had buri, which is in Japan this time of year. I parked across the street from it and checked around the corner and a few doors and then walked in and asked if " is this 1 or 8". No sign,,, i love that about Kyo Ya too. Kyo Ya used to have no sign , it just said Open,,,so we called it "open" for a long time.

          2. re: sushiman

            search gets a little unreliable when it involves words that have 3 characters or less.

            i also love 1or8!

          3. 1 or 8 is fabulous. Its surprising you couldn't find it in your initial search. My recollection was there was a discussion about sushi and sake about two years ago. I think silverjay pointed out there was a new place in W'burg that looked interesting. Checked it out based on his advice. Been coming ever since even though I don't live anywhere close by. Actually drive there. I've been able to park literally in front of the doors a number of times. Usually no problem getting a reservation either. One of the benefits of going to a place that seems to be off most people's radars. I suspect that word is getting out. Its been more lively lately.

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              I went during the week on a rainy night. Plenty of parking, but they told me on weekends it is very busy. I can't wait to try the kitchen food and of course the sushi was superb.