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Dec 26, 2012 08:08 PM

Ilg's Disappointment - Crown Roast of Lamb

I have been a strong Ilg's evangelist for many years but I am really unhappy with my Christmas crown roasts of lamb. They were astonishingly fatty. It was like there was a huge piece of fat on the inside of the crown that should have been removed. Luckily I had also purchased a tenderloin because no one would touch it. I wound up wasting over $200 on something that none of my guests would eat.

Have you ever had a problem like this? Do you know of another butcher who does a proper crown roast of lamb?

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  1. I stopped going to Illg's a while ago. I have been getting better quality meats from Fresh Market. The last time I bought NY strips at Illg's they were extremely tough and fatty. Not well trimmed at all.

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    1. re: crazyspice

      I was disappointed in their steaks last time too. But the hot dogs and that black forest ham. Plus all the side items to gawk at in jars and boxes.
      Kater would you feel comfortable complaining? I usually don't myself but in this case it might be an okay idea. Give them a chance to do right by you maybe.

      1. re: givemecarbs

        I have been thinking about it but it is something I seldom do and I would not be comfortable. Still, I really do think that they generally care about quality but it's not as if they didn't see what they gave me and I bought two. I ordered them ahead so it is not as if they were rushed. I will think it over but it would be difficult for me.

        1. re: Kater

          I know what you mean. If it were me and I complained, no matter how well it worked out I would feel weird about walking in the door again.
          If it were me I would stick to the things they do best. It is a shame though. My mom always served crown roast of lamb on Christmas Eve and sometimes crown roast of pork on New Year's Day. I'm having rack of pork for new years from Costco and if I was having more people I would probably try to make two or three racks of pork look like a crown. We never ate the filling much on either.
          For hounds who think we are being overly careful about complaints there is the matter of the guardian geese I've seen around llg.s. I haven't seen them lately though. :)

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          My wife and I bought Short Ribs a while back. Very expensive, and better quality have been bought since at BJ's. We agree that their jars and boxes of imported items is excellet. If you were that unhappy with the crown roasts, speak to them and let them know.

      2. If you are willing to goa bit further north in Bucks County, I would suggest Harring Brothers. Call first as I am not sure they always stock such a cut, but they are top notch butchers, and source everything locally when possible.

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          thanks - I checked out their website and I love that they buy product from Del Val students!

        2. I'm also a long-time customer of Ilg's. If I had the experience you had, I would absolutely go to them and let them know that I was disappointed with the product they sold me. I would not do it in the front of the store with other customers listening. I would ask to speak to a manager/owner in the office. I have relatives in the food/wine business and they often talk about customers who "disappear" without a word. They want to know when they are not providing the product/service that the customer expects. I think Ilg's would appreciate knowing that you've been buying from them for a long time and you've hit a problem that they can certainly rectify if they want to retain your business. Talk to them, it's a business issue they should be aware of.

          1. One more place to consider is a new place that specializes in lamb that is opening in the Reading Terminal market.


            1. There is also a new Soul Food place opening in the Reading Terminal Market in the next couple months: