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Location of Japanese Restaurants?

I'm looking for some delicious Japanese Restaurants?

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  1. Probably need to narrow this down a bit:
    - Location?
    - Price range?
    - What type of Japanese food?

    1. What sort of food are you looking for? Where are you located? There's a pretty solid selection in Little Tokyo in DTLA.

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        Not to mention, on Ventura Blvd in Studio City.

      2. Go to Torrance. There are many Japanese restaurants owned and managed by Japanese.

        1. Sawtell Blvd. south of Santa Monica Blvd to Pico if West LA is convenient. Several choices.

          1. Los Angeles County area. Price does not matter, Japanese anything.

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              If price truly does not matter, then go to Urasawa in Beverly Hills. (I think it's $375pp before drinks/tax/tip.)

              Otherwise, the South Bay (Torrance/Gardena/etc.) is probably the best general area overall (certainly has the most variety), except for sushi. For that, go to Mori or Zo. Sawtelle and Little Tokyo have some good places as well.

              Or, you could do a site search and see which places we've talked about previously.

            2. Yamashiro's

              I really like this one, but I'm looking for others.

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                  Yamashiro? Really??? You can do WAY better, although its a nice spot for a drink.

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                  Yamashiro's?? The last place I would pick as a Japanese restaurant. Good place to go for a drink and a view on a clear day or night. Nothing else. Maybe you should go to Little Tokyo and check out the places. You haven't given the hounds a clew as to what your tastes are. Is it sushi? Noodles? Tempura?
                  Robatta? Or what location you would prefer. LA is a big place and Japanese restaurants are all over the place.