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Good Creole and Canjun Restaurant?

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Looking for a good Creole and Canjun restaurant.

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  1. Let us know when you find one.

      1. There's always a pretty good battle between Les Sisters and Harold & Belles for the prize of worst Creole/Cajun restaurant in LA.

        It might be easier if the two restaurant just split LA between North and South and take the prize for each geographic region.

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          I apparently don't know good Creole/Cajun, but I like the jambalaya and smothered meatloaf at Les Sisters.

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            Uncle Darrows is terrible. Would not even call it Cajun or creole. It's a tiny step up from cafeteria food.

          2. Years ago L A had many great Cajun restaurants but they have all closed. The Gumbo Pot at The Original Farmer's Market is better than most

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              We haven't been to the Pot in years, but it seems like it's gone downhill from the last few years. Used to be a great one in Monrovia, Cajun Way, but I believe he's also long gone. Best I have found, at least from the Westside to downtown, is the New Orleans Cafe. But we usually scratch our itch in Santa Barbara, at the Palace Grill.

            2. Mar Vista (90066) used to have a great Cajun restaurant that we went to so many times until it finally folded; Orleans. On the NW corner of National & Barrington (now a Starbucks and a few other places that seem to gravitate around Starbucks too). Great food flown in from NOLA and their dirty Cajun martini's and Voodoo brand beer helped lubricate many a dinner there.