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Dec 26, 2012 06:06 PM

Hong Kong East Ocean in Emeryville - any recent info for dim sum?

We have to be in Emeryville one day this week. There doesn't seem to be a ton of CH info on this spot. Sounds like a popular spot for banquets. And I saw a note that it was as expensive as Yank Sing, although looking at their website, I find plenty (dim sum and otherwise) that sounds affordable. Any opinions/info? TIA>

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  1. The dim sum's fine and the view is spectacular. You order from a menu. East Ocean Seafood (unrelated) in Alameda is better.

    1. haven't been to H.K. east ocean for awhile. dim sum's pretty good. expect waits on weekends to be more than an hour.

      for cheap eats, try saigon seafood harbor
      3150 pierce st
      richmond, ca. it's closer than alameda.
      they have daily specials on dim sum noted on the blackboard.

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        cheaper but also pretty tasty! ( Saigon Seafoor Harbor )

        1. re: gordon wing

          on a similar vein, the final touches being completed on the newark location (next to ranch 99).
          expect it to be open within weeks or days...

      2. Recommended
        Steamed BBQ pork buns : fluffy bun, small chunks of umami rich chunks of pork without any goopiness

        Mixed feelings
        Steamed dumplings with taro & preserved meat : I've never had this type of dumpling before, but something seemed missing, either in texture contrast or flavor. All the filling ingredients were cooked properly and held their texture, including the taro. Good taste overall.

        Calamari w/ salt & pepper: batter shattered really nicely. Squid had the right texture. Would have liked more heat and more tentacles.

        Shanghai mini dumplings (xiao long bao): pretty good for a Cantonese place. Served in foil cup. Little wasted space in the wrapper--- big solid meatball, a bit of soup. Bottom of wrapper was super thin but it got too thick at the top pleats. Served with red vinegar, no ginger.

        Baked abalone turn over : this might be a case of "not my thing." The abalone on top of little tart had a mushroom-like texture I was hoping for, but the richness of the tart below it overpowered the abalone's flavor. The construction doesn't make sense-- it's too big to eat in one bite, and impossible to eat as two because, lacking razor teeth, it's impossible to bite half a piece of abalone and crust at the same time.

        Crispy fried shrimp puffs: Center ball of pureed shrimp tasted fine, but deep fried noodle coating wasn't evenly distributed or golden enough.

        Steamed vegetable roll (鮮竹捲, sin zuk gyun): filling inside the tofu skin was too gooey. Mushrooms inside weren't overcooked.

        Noodle soup: Gold colored "soup" lacked flavor, body, fat, salt, or even MSG.

        1. I'm a fan of their turnip cake in xo sauce. Haven't been in 3+ years though...

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          1. I was there the other day. Daikon cake, the triangular shrimp and chive dumplings were standouts, and clams in spicy sauce were standouts.

            I liked the taro and preserved meat dumplings, never had anything like that before.

            Shrimp rice rolls were just OK, other places do those better.