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Dec 26, 2012 05:18 PM

North End breakfast?

Hi everyone - my wife and I are going to find ourselves in the North End this Sunday morning and were thinking of finding a good breakfast spot. We'd be up for anything - from a great greasy spoon to pastries and coffee - though we'd probably rather not do a big elaborate brunch. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Anthony's on the Waterfront or North Street Grille - the former is great food but served with the plastic silverware, the latter is fancier - not sure of their sunday hours so check.

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    1. re: teezeetoo

      Can always get a freshly made breakfast sandwich and decent brewed coffee at the Golden Goose Market near Commercial Street.

    2. Sfogliattele from Maria's fresh and hot out the oven.

      1. +1 for North Street Grill!

        1. North End Grill is good for sweet (great pancakes and french toast) but Cozy Corner on Salem street is my go to for eggs and omelettes. Get the homemade hot sauce.

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            +1 for Cozy Corner. Good people, good food.

            I'll throw Ferrara's into the mix as well.

          2. I have had several great breakfasts at Cafe Pompeii on Hanover St. Everything is good there, but I particularly like the strawberry crepes. I am sure they probably do pastry as well..but I've never had them. Their least in my the best in the North End.