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Dec 26, 2012 04:57 PM

Jezebel hires a new chef

What is a new restaurant to do when all agree that it has everything going for it except for, um, the food? Fire the chef, of course...

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  1. I noticed that earlier today, also, and am now curious to try it again. The food wasn't good enough when we tried it, perhaps six weeks ago, to make us want to go back.

    1. maybe i'll give them another shot - wasn't so impressed first time around

      1. I haven't been. Waiting to see how the reviews are with the new chef.

        1. I really hope it works out!

          1. Jezebel is great under the new regime. I should do a longer review. And will. The food is excellent (not creative, just excellent.) They don't rush or hustle you. You sit, chat and enjoy.

            It's wonderful, really.