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Dec 26, 2012 04:53 PM

Looking for great cuban and Korean food

What are the best restaurants in La to get Korean and cuban cuisine.

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  1. Boy howdy but is that a tall order.

    Cuban - I'm partial to El Cochinito, 3508 Sunset Blvd, in Silverlake. (A friend who grew up in Cuba but also has Korean relatives swears by it, for what that's worth.) Some people like Versailles in Culver City or Mid-City, but I think they're wrong. There is also El Colmao, 2328 West Pico Boulevard which I like a lot and a number of others.

    As for Korean - what type of Korean? L.A. is home to the largest Korean community in the world outside of Korea and the best restaurants tend to specialize in one sort of Korean food or another. Park's, 955 South Vermont Avenue in Koreatown is generally (and I think for good reason) regarded as the best bbq restaurant. (I prefer Honey Pig on 8th St. if you lean toward pork bbq.) But then there are plenty of others for tofu or bibimbap or soup or bar snacks or what have you. If you want an over the top banquet sort of super refined Korean cuisine experience, I happen to like Yong Su San, 950 South Vermont Avenue in Koreatown.

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      Thank you estone888:
      I am also looking for the best meat filled pastelitos; do you know what cuban bakery in LA makes them the best?
      As for Korean, I'm looking for dishes that have intestines, also the hot chicken feet. Last time we were in LA we ate at a small Korean restaurant that was really good. I want to say Chosun but do not remember.
      Thanks and if you have any other recs please let me know.

    2. I haven't been here, but a lot of people who enjoy intestines seem to like this place: There might be some ideas for Korean to be found here:

      I haven't tried a lot of the Cuban bakeries around town, but the one that is most talked about - and which I have tried and like a lot - is Porto's in Glendale, Burbank or Downey:

      1. Porto's in Glendale has all your Cuban baked goods, sweet and savory. Plus Cuban sandwiches and croquettas.