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Dec 26, 2012 04:48 PM

Philly Italian BYOB

I'm looking for an Italian BYOB, preferably in CC Philadelphia, for an annual father-daughter dinner. I've suggested a few non-Italian places, but that's not working with my daughter this year!! We're looking to go sometime in the next few weeks.

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  1. Melograno. It's in/near Rittenhouse, and the food is terrific. Their pastas are wonderful, but really all dishes are great. I think they started taking reservations on the weekends recently too.

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      That sounds terrific, BBM. I was going to suggest another place on Sansom, but I know if I were in Phila., I'd try Melograno.

    2. I'll second Melograno. One of my favorite restaurants.

      1. No question in my mind.
        Branzino is the one for me!

        1. We looked at both recommendations and chose Melograno, where we have a reservation for this weekend. Thanks to all for your help. Happy New Year to everyone!!!

          1. I am a huge Melograno fan, and we did just get a reservation last Saturday, which was wonderful. Food was as good as ever, even though they took my favorite item, the rabbit saddle, off the menu.

            If you have any problems with Melograno, we also had a really wonderful meal at Radicchio Cafe just before Christmas. I'm not sure how people generally draw the lines of Center City, but I think that would still count. It's just below Vine St. Expressway on 4th Street.

            The other three CC Italian BYOB's that are in our rotation are La Viola (great value), Mercato (formerly my favorite, reviews seem to be trending towards mixed at this point and haven't been in some time), and Bistro La Baia, which is a personal favorite, though I'm not sure if everyone would consider it as a Chow-type place.

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              Oh, sorry about that. My page didn't load properly and I didn't see your final post on the thread until I replied, bucksguy. Enjoy!

              (a few completely unsolicited recommendations: the rustico is a great way to start there, though it's kind of a lot of food for 2 people as a starter; they are known for their mushroom parpadelle, but on my most recent trip I had the sweet potato ravioli, which were extraordinary; the smoked pork chop and scallop/pork belly entrees also got very good reviews)