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Dec 26, 2012 04:04 PM

Steakhouse Sides and Apps.

Hi All,

I have read many of the posts for LV and steak and had some good advise also. I am coming on 1/21/13 in for business and will be dining alone. As I love steak but don't normally go out for it very often I wanted to get your experienced opinion on the following question.

I think that with so many confusing answers as to which steak house is best for a solo diner the sides and apps need to rule my decision.

Which establishment serves a really well prepared steak and yet has the better/more inventive sides and apps in your opinion? Price is not an issue. I called Carnevino today and was told to order steak for two and take the left over home, so I won't be going there as good as it may be, they seem not to cater to the solo diner short of a NY Strip.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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  1. CUT-Their version of crab Louie and the bone marrow flan. Also great solo is the bar at B&B for a glass of wine and the free chick pea crostini with the warm lambs tongue salad.

    1. Truffle-parmesean potato chips at Delmonico.
      Corn at Craft is amazing, but will not be in season
      Second on the bone marrow flan at Cut.