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Broccoli cheese soup

Looking for a rich and THICK soup have tired several and still not what I am looking for..
Thank you

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  1. After you have pureed the cooked broccoli, onions, stock and cream, and melted the cheese into it, if it's still not thick enough for you... then that's what corn starch is for. Just dissolve it first into cold water.

    1. I always cook a potato or two with the soup. Puree it all together. Gives it the lovely smooth mouth-feel you're looking for! And I never add cream!

      1. Add a potato or two and puree with the soup. I never have the need to add cream!

        1. What cheese do you use, I tried cheddar but my husband thinks it is a little bitter, actually I did not have just cheddar so I used extra sharp cheddar so maybe that is why it was so bitter. How about a soft cheese? any ideas


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            I hate to break it to you, but Velveeta is the one cheese that gives you the right consistancy.

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              I love velveeta even though it is not cheese, but does it give the soup that real yellow color? You know what I mean. I used to get this soup at a restaurant that closed a few years ago and I have been looking for a broccoli cheese soup receipe since then.. It was thick and buttery but sooooooooooooooo tasty..Please help

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                Since I also use heavy cream, yes it is a very light yellow. The texture is also perfect. There are probably fancier ways to make it, but this is easy and tasty to boot.

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                  what is your receipe, snowing today and going to by soup ingredients
                  and it doesn't have to be fancy just, good.

                  Funny story, My sister in law invited my husband me to a victorian summer picnic at Lake Mohonk resort in New York. ..Everyone brought these "exotic" dishes to share.
                  My sister in law brought a beautiful silver tray full of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Interestingly enough that tray was empty before anything else was touched..I laugh whenever I tell that story, it doesn't have to be complicated , just good.

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                    Raining here on Long Island, we got lucky!

                    CREAM OF BROCCOLI SOUP
                    1 quart chicken stock
                    1 bunch finely chopped broccoli
                    1/2 lb Velveeta
                    1/2 cup heavy cream

                    Bring stock to boil, add broccoli and cook for 20 minutes on medium. Meanwhile make roux (below).

                    ROUX 1/2 stick butter
                    1/4 cup flour
                    Melt butter in skillet and add flour slowly with whisk til well blended. Cook until smooth and bubbling, then add ladle of hot broth/broccoli mix. Add this back into the pot and whisk until smooth.

                    Add heavy cream plus some white pepper and garlic powder to taste. Add cheese and stir frequently until melted.

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                      Thanks, I will let you know how it comes out. it sounds great.
                      PS Snowing in Albany NY

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                        Ha! I already know, most of my family is in Columbia County above Hudson. Mom gave me the lowdown this morning. The soup should warm you up at least, it's really cold here although we have a sunset at least, but I should be making some too myself.

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                          small world.I love the snow so I am happy, will be making the soup this afternoon..can't wait

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                            It's a meal in itself, hope you like it!

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                              WOW..I love it..I just finished making it and I am melting the cheese in the soup and I took a taste..It is "the one"
                              Thanks so much.
                              Still snowing..

                              I know it isn't low fat but if you are going to have a cream soup I want it have fat in it..
                              I will try the others another time, but for now this will be my go to cream of broccoli.
                              You don't know how long I have been trying to get a receipe that I loved, not liked..
                              Thanks again

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                                We were supposed to get a few inches of snow but it is raining instead. Too bad, I was in the mood to have a snow day.

                                I am so glad you like the soup, I'm not even positive where I found the recipe (unusual for me) but the minute I tasted it I said "This is it". Never made a single change. I just plan something light to serve with it. If you come up with any new twists though, keep me informed.

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                                  OK , well sInce you asked, I put a little fresh nutmeg in and a touch of dry mustard. I sauted a small onion and 1 stalk of celery and one small potatoe in butter to start. I then added the stock and the broccoli and cooked for 30 minutes like you suggested. I made the roux as you instructed and then tempering it with the hot liquid .I added mostly velveta and a chunk of havarti..It is so good I even had a small bowl cold.

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                                    I will make a note and try your additions, I can never leave well enough alone (to the annoyance of my husband!) Thanks for the ideas.

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                                      me either, my husband says the same thing, but he did like your receipe..
                                      high praise from him , he is very picky or as he says "I am just discerning.."ok"

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                                        My husband is my most constructive critic, without him I would never have evolved! I guess you could say, he too is picky beyond belief....I often call him the Princess and the Pea. If he likes something, I lock the recipe away for fear of losing it.

            2. I love this cooking light recipe. My kids devourit. Just make sure not to puree the soup too much.


              1. I really like this recipe: http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/2011... It's from Cook's Illustrated.

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                  This is the recipe I was going to suggest (as I've just finished a bowl). I've never added the cheddar cheese. It is OUTSTANDING, however, I don't think it's what the OP is looking for. Incredibly healthy.

                2. this is my go to recipe. tons of flavor from the roasted broccoli and somewhat healthy because no cream. up the potato if you want it a little thicker, and use a nice sharp cheddar for a stronger flavor!


                  1. Thanks for all the good ideas.
                    I love this site