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Dec 26, 2012 01:40 PM

Late Night Steak House

I live in Chicago. My wife and I can go out but only after 9pm due to work/commute. I need to find a "city" restaurant with a late night kitchen to get a good steak. Ideas? Live music a plus. Price $$$$/$$$$$ is okay but $$$$ leaves more for drinks.

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  1. A quick scan of the Opentable listings shows that almost all of the downtown steakhouses will seat you as late as 9:30 pm on weeknights. About half will seat you at 10:30 pm. If you want to be seated at 11:30, you're looking at Chicago Cut, Mastro's, and Smith & Wollensky. Miller's Pub isn't on Opentable, but they stay open late also.

    Most steakhouses stay open later on Friday and Saturday evenings, of course.

    Right now I would say David Burke's Primehouse and Chicago Cut Steakhouse are the two best steakhouses in the city (although there are many other good ones as well). The latest seating on weeknights at Burke's is 9:30 pm; Chicago Cut is open really really late (they'll seat you as late as 1:30 am).

    1. We chose Smith and Wollensky for our late night steak. We went after a concert and ate at 11-11:30pm or so. Had a very nice dinner.

      1. Mastro's is a good choice as well, and they have live music on the first floor (I'm not sure if the band is there on weeknights or not.) I went there a month ago and had the best steak I've ever had (the ribeye).