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Tony's Dinapoli Family Italian Restaurant on 43d st

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Any good?? and what is best??

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  1. It is family style Italian, good for what it is... slinging penne a la vodka... but Babbo it isn't. I have had some fun nights with large groups at Tony's, slightly better is Sambuca (but it also isn't Babbo... and it isn't in Times Sq) Both are better than Carmine's....(IMHO) If you want to have dinner with 10 people and keep the price down and be loud... go.

    1. As far as traditional, family-style Italian, it's fine. Just don't expect a transcendental culinary experience.

      1. I think Carmine's is better. I had one of the worst meals ever at Tony Dinapoli

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        1. a friend says there is just limited seating and long waits for single people or 2 together. they are mainly set up for groups at family sized tables

          1. Not a good sign when the only basis for comparison, at similar level, is Carmines.

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              RCC:"Not a good sign when the only basis for comparison, at similar level, is Carmines."

              LOL aaaah but it's the truth.

            2. It looks like you're visiting. In one of the best dining scenes in the world, don't waste your preciously limited meals on this sort of slop.

              What are you looking for?

              The board can be a great resource in finding a better alternative if you do another posting with as much information as possible regarding what you seek in a dining experience.

              1. It is similar to Carmines but I do prefer Tony's better. They have very classic italian dished, all served Family style. And very reasonably prices may I add. Its hard to go there with 2 people, because you can really only get one dish since its family style but i still go and get pasta dish, meat, and salad and have leftover for weeks.
                Its a good place, good italian food, not really crazy but if you want a good caesar salad, chicken parm, and baked ziti (what i always get) i would deff give it a try.
                Like i said good prices, good traditional italian dishes.
                Better than Carmines.

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                  Thanks for chiming in. Good to know where it excels.

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                    I also agree. I don't send people to Tony's unless they have a large party and want to make a lot of noise. I would never send them to Carmine's because the food is just better at Tony's. As for Becco my wife and I have been twice. The second time I figured I'd go with the pasta special. As I was finishing my plate three waiters came out, each with one of the pasta specials, and danced around a party of 6 or 8 near us filling up plates. No one came near my plate even though they do say you can have refills. We were invisible practically all evening.

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                      Becco is better than Tony's and Carmine's. Usually at Becco there is no problem getting your pasta plate refilled. I think Carmine's is better than Tony di Napoli. Although, both of them are bad. But it's like saying what's better Burger King or McDonald's, when it comes to bad food it's hard to decide. So i'll say Wendy's for the chili

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                        Wendy's chili is actually an interesting point. The reason Wendy's has chili as a featured item is because Wendy's uses "never frozen beef" they use the leftover beef thats about to go bad and make chili. Saves waste, cuts costs, and makes money. fun fact.

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                          The meat used to make chili, in part comes from burgers already cooked. After a certain amount of time, by specification, they cannot be used for sandwiches, thus they are saved and used for the chili.....

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                            I'm starting to get nauseous,,, Interesting to know all this stuff

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                              We're talking minutes....not hours. In the end, it's just cooked ground beef.

                  2. It's been more than a few years since I have been to TDN.....I cannot tell you what had as being good and memorable....but what I can tell you is what I had that we did not enjoy.

                    Lamb Chops

                    The Lamb Chops were overcooked and the Sausage seasoning was not enjoyed.....however, it was not terrible.

                    1. You've been wanting to go to this place for quite a while, it would seem...


                      1. Tony's is good. Try Becco, very good.