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Dec 26, 2012 01:17 PM

Tailgate ideas for Holiday Bowl?

We are headed to the Holiday Bowl tomorrow with a group of about 20 to cheer on the UCLA Bruins and I'm tired of cooking. Any great ideas of good food I can pick up for a tailgate party - aside from pizza? Bonus points for food that's easily held/eaten with one hand so there's a free hand for holding/drinking beer. Thanks!

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  1. Try Saffron Chicken. In fact, they offer serveral to-go meals/pinic combos that include chicken, sauces and sides.

    It's something different, and a bit lighter than the typical tailgate faire.

    1. Anything goes. Really.

      Our Holiday Bowl tailgate (of about 100) for the last 20+ years starts around noon and it's a potluck. The 'regulars' bring all sorts of food, including a 25+ pound smoked turkey, with rice stuffing, about 15 lbs of roast with 6 pounds of rolls, pizzas, and three-3 foot Subway sandwiches.

      We also meet back in the parking lot after the game and watch the line of cars leaving and have propane camp stoves heating chili, cider and water to make instant coffee (with various adult beverage 'add ins') as well as whipped cream topping. We usually finish up any leftover food then.

      The random/alternating people who show up each year bring wonderfully varied items, from sushi trays, Costco roasted chickens, KFC buckets, pizzas cut into many small slices, chips and dip, nuts, cheese trays, bite size cupcakes and cookies.

      Know that you can't carry bottled water into the stadium and your purse will be inspected and you'll be checked with a metal detector before going in. (leave your pocketknife in the car). Pregame starts about 45 minutes before the game, with Navy Leapfrogs jumping into the stadium and other activities, including the 100 foot flag covering the field for the National Anthem.

      Enjoy the game!

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        You actually can bring in sealed bottled water into the stadium (16.9 oz). I don't carry a purse, so I'll bring a grocery bag with 3-4 bottles and have never had a problem.

        I would second the Saffron recommendation. Great food and packed to go upon request.

        Check out O's American Kitchen in Mission Valley (formerly Pat and Oscars). Their food is packed to go with all the implements and they are located close to the stadium. I think the salads are the best thing on their menu.

      2. Hit up Costco for sandwich platters, shrimp cocktail, hummus, chips, Italian cold cuts, chabata bread rolls, cheeses and some dessert.

        1. Hosted a few tailgate parties at the Q for the Holiday Bowl and I've done the cold cut plate from Costco..get some rolls, the pretzels ones are fab, chips, dips like the artichoke jalapeno cream cheese, 5 layer dip, veggie tray, cookies along with waters, couple cases of beer.
          One stop shopping!

          Go Bruins!

          1. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I think Costco is the way to go so I can get a good variety without running all over town. Smart. .

            Beach Chick - love the idea of the pretzel rolls to go with cold cuts. My husband will be so happy!


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              The pretzel rolls are delicious and for 16 of those bad boys for around $6+, they are a huge hit...get a couple bags

              Also, the Colombus Turkey for $11.99 for 2.5 pounds of quality turkey meat/roast beef that is not pressed meat is another thought vs. the deli tray and get the sliced Finlandia cheese variety for $8+...don't forget the cookies!
              They have the huge jar of dill pickles for around $3 bucks..

              I'd say for around $100 to feed 20+ people with food and beer is the ticket.

              Don't forget the mayo and some good grainy mustard too... ; )