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Dec 26, 2012 01:19 PM

Asheville, NC dinner NYE

My GF and I are staying in downtown Asheville and trying to decide where to eat on New Year's Eve. Places we can get a reservation at a time we want are:




We could get into the following at less desirable times:

Cucina 24


Market Place

So, which would you pick and why? In Durham/CH our favs are Watts Grocery, Nana's, Vin Rouge, and Lantern. Also like Crook's.



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  1. Zambra would be my first choice...good food, excellent cocktail and wine list and romantic yet fun ambiance. I'd jump on it!

    1. Limones would be my second choice and Storm would be my third.

      1. Storm or Zambra , I'm torn. Cucina 24 a distant 3rd. Haven't been to Market Place in years so can't comment. Table kinda sucks, IMHO.