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Dec 26, 2012 01:14 PM

Need Grand Cayman Food Itinerary Help!

Hi All!

I'll be heading to Grand Cayman with my husband and (by then) 16 month daughter in April and I'm already getting excited about our eats! A few questions so far for folks familiar with GC -

There seems to be a lot of Italian recommendations - any of these stand out as "don't miss" above the others - La Dolce Vita, Luca, Ragazzi, Edoardo's, Pappagollo, Cassanova? We don't want to have the same genre of food every night.

For casual/kid friendly cuisine, Tim Buc Tuu, Morgan's Harbor appeal. Any others? Looks like Ragazzi and Edoardo's are more casual too.

What about Ostera Bay? I see it has a kids menu but I can't imagine it's appropriate for a toddler. Is it worth looking into getting a sitter? Should we stick with Blue instead? We live in NY so a Le Bernardin lite doesn't really appeal but we're also staying at the Ritz so I'd feel more comfortable staying in the hotel if we were going to get a sitter.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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  1. Edoardo's and La Dulce Vita are my favorites, La Dulce Vita is on the water, Edoardo's is not. Luca has a very nice Sunday brunch. Ragazzi is probably the most kid friendly of those mentioned.

    Morgan's Harbor has excellent food. It is at the same price point as Ragazzi. It is next to Calypso Grill. I would rather eat at Morgans Harbor. Tim Buc Tuu is a Caribbean diner. It is more a breakfast or lunch place. Other casual places, sort of the Cayman equivalent to Chili's, Duke's or Sunshine Grill.

    Osetra Bay is more of a scene. They have good food, but you probably have gone to similar places in NYC. Blue is the best restaurant on the island. 7 Prime in the Ritz -Carlton, is not worth the money.

    Two restaurants in Camana Bay are very good, Michael's and Ortanique. They are more adult oriented. One place I would stay away from is the Wharf. It is a tourist trap. You sit on plastic chairs and they serve frozen fish. The tourists who usually eat at chain restaurants in the US think it is great.

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      Thanks so much for your reply. Just happened to log on now and see it. We will put Edoardo's and La Dulce Vita at the top of our list as well as Morgan's and Blue. We've actually been to Michael's Genuine in Miami and hadn't realized there was a Cayman outpost until I read your suggestion. We enjoyed it in FL so perhaps we'll try it again in Cayman. And I see Ortanique is also a Florida import. Thanks again for the tips! Happy New Year!

    2. You could also get the Ritz to pack a snack and catch a cab down to Smith's Cove to watch one of the best sunsets EVER, then eat a nice meal at Grand Old House - great food, good service, excellent location on the water, etc...

      1. Just returned from a great week in Grand Cayman and wanted to quickly report back on our eats. On a whole, we ate quite well on the island, especially considering we were somewhat limited in our choices dining with a toddler!

        The food at the Ritz was surprisingly decent for a big box hotel. Nothing we ate was terrible (which I can't say is always true when dining in resorts), and a few things were actually quite tasty. We most enjoyed the food at Bar Jack, the casual restaurant near the main pool. Really good jerk chicken, mahi sandwich and fish tacos. Not cheap of course, like everything else at the Ritz.

        Dinner at La Dolce Vita our first night was fabulous. Food, service and setting were perfect. Our fresh burrata appetizer was the best burrata we'd ever had. Unfortunately our dinner at Morgan's Harbour was less successful. The waterfront setting was sublime but nothing we tasted was particularly good. And dinner concluded with an inedible bread pudding. For lunch one day we walked over to the Sunshine Grill. A nice change from the Ritz, our conch fritters were delicious but their famous fish tacos left something to be desired.

        The best meal of our trip by a long shot was at Michael's Genuine in Camana Bay. Food was intensely flavorful and interesting (highlights included the chili chicken wings, lionfish and breadfruit salad), cocktails and service were terrific and we sat outside overlook the fountains while a tin drum band performed. There were kids everywhere at 6pm and our daughter was more than welcome.

        A really fun trip. We can't wait to return.