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Dec 26, 2012 01:13 PM

Rino's place? East Boston

I overheard over breakfast today (ok I was eavesdropping) a couple talking about a place they ordered food from for Christmas Eve. They were raving about it, especially the raviolis and the red sauce. I asked the name and they kept going on and on about it. I never heard of it, understand it has been there for "years" but was recently featured on DDD?

The last reviews on here said little about the food but all about the wait. My husband has been craving veal parm and I could use some comfort pastas. Anyone been there recently? Worth the trip? We usually head to Bellas in Rockland for basic read sauce italian but could use a change.

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  1. Their food is very good. They have the best gnocchi! The drawback is the wait.

    1. The food is excellent Italian, specifically the lobster raviolis. The wait is horrible...we waited 2.5 hours on a Friday night from the time we put our name in. Try going at an off time.

      1. I love the food at Rino's. I had chicken parm here once that was very good, but my very favorite is the homemade pasta with bolognese. Now that I've had it, I would have a hard time ordering anything else there. It is really delicious.

        1. It's old school with specials that branch out a little more. Go Mon. at 8:30 and you'll sit right down.

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          1. if you decide to go make it very early, during prime time the wait can be very loooooong!