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Dec 26, 2012 01:05 PM

Philly Mag Top 50 Restaurants...

Biggest surprise.. Marigold Kitchen...

Snubs include Ela and Bar Ferdinand in my not so humble opinion. Also very uneven inclusion of restaurants from the suburbs. The Han Dynasty is a bit puzzling as they have three in the city now so not sure which they are referring to. Let the debate begin......

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  1. Pointless to debate the relative rankings, but the Federal Donuts inclusion is ridiculous. If that qualifies, there are a dozen takeout places that could or should be on the list. I will echo what many commenters on the Foobooz post said about the service at Stateside not being up to the level of the food.

    1. I've only eaten at 11 of the 50, so no expert, but... it just looks kind of random to me.
      i'd also rank morimoto higher than any of those 11...

      1. Agree the FedNuts inclusion is odd. Food trucks may be fair game next year at this rate... I do think it's also strange how high Brauhaus is ranked and how low Zahav is. And no Zavino?

        1. cw, thanks for posting this. Always interesting, even if always surprising. I agree with you about Ela and Bar Ferdinand - not proper omissions. And some on this list were places we crossed off our own list.

          When we aren't sure about whether to try a certain restaurant, we don't go to the Philly Mag list - we go to Chowhound!

          1. Typically, it won't come up for me. Where else can I peruse the list?