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Dec 26, 2012 12:04 PM

Need recipe and instructions for Chocolate Babka

Looking to make Chocolate Babka coffee cake for brunch this weekend. Please share recipe and details, thanks in advance for help!

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  1. Smitten Kitchen's recipe is straightforward and easy to follow but its a lot of work.

    As never having tried a babka before making this 2 christmas's ago I cannot attest to its authenticity. It appears that there a huge debate about what exactly is a "real" babka. All I know is that this was amazing.

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      I love this recipe and can attest to its deliciousness and its resemblance to babka of my childhood in Brooklyn. It needs no modification at all, imo.

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        This is the recipe that I use too, always with great success. I wish that the house smelled that good all the time (but, oh, the calories that would mean!). I usually divide the recipe into three parts, prepare in loaf pans, and freeze two for future baking ( I bought a couple of extra metal loaf pans at a thrift store just for this purpose).

      2. I use this recipe and get rave reviews. I do add some cinnamon to the chocolate/sugar step. I also add a streusel topping to mine made of powdered sugar, flour and butter before baking!

        1. I'm not home so I can't give you the exact recipe, but if you can get your hands on Joan Nathan's "Jewish Cooking in America," the babka recipe there is killer.

          She gives both dairy and parve versions. I've only made the dairy version so I can't vouch for the parve. I use about 1/3 again as much filling as she calls for. You can never have too much chocolate or almond paste. I forget if the recipe makes 2 or 3 loaves, but sometimes I make 3 mini loaves out of one of the loaves. They make great gifts.

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            Can you please post your Challah Recipe rockycat. Tia

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              Challah or babka? I never have made a challah that I'm perfectly satisfied with.