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Dec 26, 2012 08:37 AM

pappy van winkle?

anyone have a secret stash they are looking to sell / know if it's still available anywhere in south fla?

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  1. This national list is about a month old but might help.

    In Florida, Yardbird is listed but it warns you should "check availability".

    Bourbon Steak is also mentioned - but the Wash DC location. However, that could be a hint r..e our Florida spot.

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      This 1 year-old article mentions availability at The Raleigh and at Tap 42 (in addition to Yardbird).

      Here we're talking bars/restaurants of course, not retail.However there's also a quote from a Total Wine executive.

    2. I bought a bottle of the 23 year from Total Wine in Aventura several months ago. At the time they had about 6 bottles in stock. They would be worth a try.

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      1. re: BigBonesBradley

        Total Wine (Aventura) had a few bottles last month that flew off the shelves and inflated prices. I have not seen it in town anywhere else. **I'm talking retail not bars/restaurants**

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          looks like I'm about 8 weeks too late. for those lucky enough to grab a bottle, did you pre-order? have your name on a list? something else? finally, do you think the product warrants all the hysteria it creates? thanks for the insight!

          1. re: foodandlaw

            You need to get lucky and check back with Total Wine frequently. I was there the day they got their first allocation but they only got the 23yr in (N. Miami store). The 23yr held price at $299.99 from last few years. The 20yr jumped from $119.99 to $199.99 but wasn't in yet. The 15yr wasn't due in until Feb 1 according to the store computer. At $149.99, which is more than double last year's price ($69.99), I wouldn't purchase but there's plenty of people who will. These prices are pure retailer greed and it's really too bad but I guess that's capitalism for ya. Short supply, high demand. I can name a bunch of bottles I get close to as much enjoyment out of that could be purchased for well under $150.

            The Pappy Van Winkle phenomenon is pure sensationalism right now. What used to be a connoisseur's dream is now a pop culture rat race. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic stuff. However, it's not what it used to be and I don't believe it's as good today as it has been 2+ years ago. I have a few bottles of the 2011 15yr. I poured some for a bourbon tasting I held at my place and I was surprised that I didn't particularly care for it that much. I've actually toyed with the idea of selling a bottle if I could get $150 for it but I'll probably just hold onto it.

            I put some thoughts together on Pappy here -

      2. In slightly related news, see NY Times article being published tomorrow.

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