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Santa brought a dutch oven - suggestions?

Santa brought me a new 7qt. dutch oven. I'd love suggestions! I do plan on breaking it in by using the ham leftovers and bone to make split pea soup!

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  1. Lucky you! You can't beat split pea soup. Do you add carrots/celery/potatoes when the peas are soft? Some do some don't.

    1. This is the best potato soup I've ever had:


      I make it with the ham broth, and top it with shredded cheddar and a little plop of sour cream.

      1. Look at the first 5 letters of my user name.

        1. I assume it is an enameled cast iron one?

          1. What about cooking a whole chicken? It's a great way to cook really juicy chicken, plus you can cook a bunch of vegetables with it too and they come out really flavorful.

            Here is a link to a recipe from a book I really love, not sure if it it's modified from the book...


            It's also a good way to cook tougher meats...once we made a recipe for old hen cooked in a dutch oven...the meat is full of flavor but you basically can't cook it any other way because it would come out too tough.

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              Thanks, but when I clicked on the link it says "not found" - there was some extra code on the end. Let's try it again:


            2. Cassolet, Boef Borgonione, Lobster stock . . .

              1. I love doing oven beef stew or a beef vegetable soup in mine. Comes out abou 9000 times better than what I used to make in the slow cooker.

                I got an enameled one for christmas. I'm thinking about making chicken and dumplings for its inaugural. :)

                1. Yum, how exciting! I use mine for almost everything! Try braising beef short ribs, or some chicken with forty cloves of garlic. Obviously stews, chilis and gumbos are perfect in these as well.

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                    I use mine for any soups, stews and braises as well as sauces such as bolognese. I love mine, enjoy!!

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                      Oh yes, you must break it in with a big pot of sauce like marinara or bolognese. That's perfect for it!

                  2. chicken and dumplings
                    braised short ribs
                    osso bucco

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                      Magie's Mom - When you make ossobuco, do you stack the pieces of veal on top of each other when you have too many to fit in a single layer? And if so, do you put more liquid in, i.e., enough to cover, or close to cover?

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                        I have never had more than one layer, and all the recipes I have used have specified one layer.

                    2. Split pea is one of my favorite things to make in a Dutch oven. Also chili and Bolognese. Lots of other soups, too.

                      I'm not a big meat eater, so I haven't done much braising, per se, but I still love my Dutch ovens.

                      I put carrots and onions in my split pea soup. I put celery in normally, but some dislike it, and it's easy enough to leave out.

                      1. Swiss steak or beef pot roast. I can't post recipe right now.

                        I am using the kindle Santa got me.

                          1. Put a pork shoulder roast into your new pot, glug a bottle of your favorite barbeque sauce over it, add a bottleful of water, maybe squirt in some sriracha sauce, and pop it into a 300 degree oven for 6-8 hours.
                            Then take out the roast, run the liquid through your gravy separator to get rid of the excess fat (very important!). Take two forks and pull the meat into shreds, pour the sauce back over the shredded meat in your dutch oven and you have made heaven in a pot. Serve with your best mashed potatoes and a green veg or salad. The meat freezes and reheats impeccably, makes incredible sandwiches, stuffs quesadillas, and is a perfect base for picadillo. I've tried this in a crockpot and it's just not the same as baked.
                            This is my Super Bowl go-to dish. Just put the pot on your buffet with some fixin's, some sub rolls, another bottle of the bbq sauce & hot sauce, and yes you too can watch those ultra-creative Super Bowl commercials!
                            PS - the dear friend who gave me my dutch oven also found a lovely shallow basket into which the pot fits for table service. Looks terrific, protects your table.

                            1. If it has a plastic knob on the lid, replace it with a metal one.

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                                The make real cassoulet with fava beans, duck legs, rabbit. Original cassoulet uses fava beans, and with the long cooking, you don't have to peel them.

                                Cook for several hours in the oven. Lucky you!

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                                  Hey Law Doc! Do you have a link for your cassoulet? I really want to make one, but haven't gotten up for the laborious task of making my own sausage, etc. I'd love a good recipe for a first-time, real cassoulet attempt. Thank you!

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                                    There many variations, and I haven't written it down, because I make it differently each time based on availability of ingredients, but this link is great:


                                    I do use frozen fava beans, so I cheat, but never dried. Port fat makes the dish, and I get some from the butcher free of charge. Enjoy.

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                                      Oh you're fabulous! Thank you! Happy New Year!

                              2. No knead bread. I bought a lodge cast iron dutch oven just for that.


                                1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am definitely going to try the no-knead bread. I also have frozen short ribs in my freezer!!

                                  1. Oh....short ribs! The Pioneer Woman's recipe is killer... Served with rustic mashed potatoes.....

                                    1. Try Mama Neely's Pot Roast. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/pa... I'm not really a fan of theirs but this is the best pot roast recipe I've found. (I omit the garlic bc I don't like the flavor of long-cooked garlic)