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Dec 26, 2012 06:22 AM

Boston visit this weekend

Coming to town with my family for a 2 maybe 3 day visit. We've never been to Boston. I'm with the family which includes three college age kids that aren't of legal drinking age and were pretty much up for anything. Just looking for some local flavor and aren't into the chains. A place where after dinner we can walk around and my wife and I can duck in for a drink and kids roam around a bit. I'm a huge fan of brewpubs if there are any. Also any places you might feel are a 'must' to visit. I appreciate your input and thank you in advance.

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  1. Are you staying in the city (and if so, what part?)? Will you have a car and are you not afraid to use it? Or are you good with the subway? Any problem with temps in the 20s, as we expect this coming weekend? Might keep some folks away from "roaming around" a bit.

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      Haven't booked hotel yet but probably around FiDi or Back Bay. We'll have a car but would prefer using the subway. Temps won't deter us at all. I see Harvard has a home hockey game friday so might go to that and have to drive it I assume.

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        Bright Center (where Harvard plays hockey) is about a 10 minute walk from Harvard Square Red Line (Subway) station. Lots of dining options in the Square if you go that way.

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          If you decide to eat in Harv Sq before the game,(advantage of just parking once), I would recommend the new restnt,Park, in the Cambridgeside Galleria on JFK St. Do a search and a thread i started -should pop right up.Menu is wide enough to satisfy many tastes. Also, in case this is helpful for your 1st visit:
          Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:

          Dinner Spots that I consistently recommend. Do a CH search for them for recent reviews:
          Oleana- Cambridge
          Craigie on Main
          Neptune Oyster
          Island Creek Oyster Bar
          Strip T's (in a 'suburb', 10 min cab from harvard square- former Momofuku chef; exciting Asian inspired and American comfort food. Huge love for this place on Chowhound.


          East Coast Grill, Cambridge.- fun, loud, crazy; Latin, seafood, BBQ, oysters, Bloody Mary bar.........

          Mistral- french high end, beautiful room, somewhat close to your hotel-- South End

          Aquitaine - french bistro-- """""" South End

          Neptune Oyster-- North End; terrific trad and innovative seafood; tiny, packed always, no reservations. Leave them your cell number and walk around the North End; stop at Modern Pastry and buy sfogliadelle and almond biscotti for later.

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            Park is not in the Cambridgeside Galleria. It is in the basement of the parking garage (get it?) next to the Harvard Square Staples.

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              The building that Staples is in is called the Galleria. Maybe that's the source of the confusion.

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                vs. the East Cambridge/Lechmere Cambridgeside Galleria.

      2. For an excellent burger in a pub atmosphere go to JM Curley's though it can get quite busy. For excellent seafood, go to Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Sq, near Boston University and Fenway Park. For excellent pizza with a lot of local flair, go to the original Pizzeria Regina in the North End (Italian section of Boston) and the North End is great for walking around with all the Italian restaurants, bakeries and cafes as well as the history (Paul Revere House, Old North Church, etc). Go to Boston's Chinatown and have dim sum at Winsor Cafe or Bubor Cha Cha or one of the larger dim sum palaces (China Pearl, Hei la Moon or Chau Chau City) or have dinner at a number of excellent places: Best Little Restaurant or 3 Course Peking Duck at China King (need to order 24 hours in advance).

        1. Thank you for the suggestions.....

          1. The best brewpub in the area is Cambridge Brewing Company(its also my favorite brewery in Massachusetts, period). If you are going to be around Harvard already you won't be too far from it. Plenty of good restaurants nearby like Area 4, Oleana, Hungry Mother etc. in the Kendall Square area.