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Dec 26, 2012 06:05 AM

Places to eat in Rechavia

I am looking for restaurant recommendations for the Rechavia neighborhood in Jerusalem

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  1. There is a falafel place on Derech Aza that is supposed to be great. I never made it there but the reports are good. I believe it is called From Berlin to Aza and the address is 55 Derech Aza.

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      From Azza to Berlin (located more so on Berlin street now, they moved recently but still in that corner area), is a lovely place and far better than the Falafelria located close by.

    2. If we're not talking fine dining, there is a branch of my favorite bakery, Lechem shel Tomer, also on Rechov Azza (#30). Great coffee and sandwiches -- and I don't get excited about sandwiches too often, excellent assorted quiches and pastries. They usually have soup, too, in the winter. Friendly service. You can take away or eat there -- seating is all outside, although there is a heater.
      Shosh Cafe at Keren Kayemet 31 has more comfortable seating, although the food is more expensive and not as good as at L.s.T. Not bad, though.

      1. Depending on your view of kashrut - Carusella at the intersection of Azza and Metudela is a lovely cafe.

        The owner/staff of the Carusella is one of the leaders of restaurants boycotting the rabbinute's kashrut supervisors. They say they are upholding kashrut in the restaurant but they no longer have a certificat. They are being joined in this by a number of restaurants in the shuk - places that have had ceriticats for years but are giving them up do to political differences with the rabbinute.

        I Jerusalem particularly this has become a bigger deal over the past year, so if certification is important to you - pay a bit more attention.