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Dec 26, 2012 05:45 AM

What food/cooking items did you get for Christmas?

gifts to yourself count too :)

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  1. These were all under the tree. I scored big!!

    Ina's "Foolproof"
    Andrew Zimmern's new kids book
    Assorted "real" black licorice candy
    A new oven mitt
    GooGoo clusters
    Assorted glass containers with lids (LOVE!)
    homemade onion and fig jam
    homemade infused Vodka
    homemade cookies
    Asian candies from a recent trip
    New travel mugs (ceramic, not plastic. Yes!)

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    1. re: foodieX2

      oh you got some goodins...
      onion&fig jam
      IG's Foolproof

      from World Market received an apron that I'll keep as it's funky cute. also from same store a small paperback soup cookbook and after looking at the TOC, the soups aren't my taste and wouldn't make "seared scallop lime infused cilantro" soup ever.

      you know let's keep it real. we can't keep everything we receive just because...there's gotta be room and desire - I'm jus sayin

      1. re: foodieX2

        Garlic rocker, for the aging hands. It works wonderfully!
        Wilton waffle stick pan, we're trying it in the morning.
        batter dispenser, a surprise, and who wants to spoon pancake/waffle batter somewhere?
        salt/pepper grinder set, which I admired while on vacation earlier this year
        Michael Symon's "Carnivore" yesssss I am so making sausage!
        gift card to The Toy Store, aka Sur La Table
        Habanero maple syrup, reference waffle sticks above - that will be a definite A.M. wakeup
        Key Lime Marmalade - tried some with toast, so good - going to use some with a little [non habanero] maple syrup on chicken thighs next week
        a Cuisinart mini processor, to replace my mom's original - it died after many years of heavy use about a month ago.

        All in all, a good food oriented Christmas

        1. re: nikkihwood

          where can I get habanero maple syrup??? DH would go nuts. :)

          i got a tin of williams sonoma peppermint bark, and one cooking magazine.
          I bought myself a new wustof knife block. (woot!)

          1. re: jujuthomas

            You can infuse syrups and honeys with chiles and so on. Fabulous! I really like to infuse honey with chipotle chiles especially.

            1. re: chefathome

              jujuthomas --


              The friend who gifted this buys syrups from them at a suburban Minneapolis farmers market. [She also insures them. !


              It's got a good kick, but not a wild one. I went ahead and made the sauce with this syrup and the key lime marmalade referenced in my post for chicken the other day - YUM. It also makes the waffle sticks sing.

      2. Real Food by Nigel Slater
        This is a Cookbook
        French Slow cooker cookbook
        I gave my wife a paella pan.

        1. Really nice new chef's knife, chosen by my twin, so she picked one that fits my teensy hands.
          Ceramic non-stick skillets
          THREE fish spatulas (one from DH, one from sis, one from DD). Guess I must've hinted I wanted one?
          Rolling pin

            1. Cuisinart bread maker
              Le Creuset covered rectangular baking dish
              Le Creuset casserole dishes
              Washington Inn Cooks for Friends cookbook
              The Chew cookbook