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Dec 26, 2012 05:29 AM

Reasonably priced Saturday night dinner in Manhattan for foodies?

We are having dinner on Saturday night with foodie friends who love to spend lots of $$, while we would prefer something a little more reasonable (let's say less than $100/couple--not cheap but not over the top). Any ideas? Prefer Italian and American to Asian (at least for this occasion).

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  1. There are a large number of restaurants that fall into your category. Please help us narrow things down. Do you have any preference for neighborhood(s)? Is it important to have a good wine list, and incidentally, is your $100 inclusive of wine, tax, and tip (in which case, your food cost would be about $30 before tax and tip)? Are reservations necessary? (If so, you should take care of that today, and your first step could be to check Open Table.) Help us help you.

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      Has been narrowed down to the Union Square area. I would love to pay $100/couple including wine, tax and tip ( there's a little wiggle room there). Good wine list is a plus but wiggle room there too.

        1. re: Cakegirl

          I'd suggest Supper, but at 2nd St. and Av. A, it's not that close to Union Square. It is a solid Italian restaurant with good and fair-priced wines, though, and well within your price range. If you go on the early side, Lavagna would probably fit in your price range, too, and it's excellent, but also not that close to Union Square (5th St. between A and B).

        1. Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria would definitely be my first choice. It's not too far from Union Square, delicious Italian, and doable within that budget (depending on what you order), but reservations are hard to come by.

          As a backup, ilili is Medeterranean but always reliable, not too difficult a reservation, and easy to keep under $100/couple.

          1. DaCiro and I Trulli are reasonable and excellent Italian.

            1. Hmmmmmm....I would recomend going at lunch so you can go somewhere fancier. Bouley is great for either a $50 tasting five course lunch, or an a la carte dinner.