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Dec 26, 2012 05:00 AM

Undercooked Lobster, leftover, any good?

4 lobsters were steamed for 14 min, they looked done but when broken down were def not fully cooked. Maybe bc they were steamed outside in a big pot on the burner beside the gas grill. Was the temp outside too cold?
Was the burner not strong enough?
We put them in the fridge overnight. They are still in the shells, claws, tails and knuckles.
If I try to use the meat today, further cooking, in a thai curry or something else will the meat be good or should I just cry and throw the meat out?
Thanks for any advice

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  1. oh, heck yeah, i'd use it. i'd make lobster bisque, but that's me.

    and don't forget to save your shells to make stock!!!! absolutely essential for lovely dishes to come! here's how… very easy!

    1. No problem at all. Break them down and remove the meat. I'd also use them in a classic bisque and use the shells for the stock.

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        Thank you both. I hated the idea of throwing it out!!!

      2. Think one of big problems people have with cooking shell fish (shrimp & lobster) is OVER-cooking... tough/rubbery!?! Well, ya dodged THAT bullet! One of my Dad's FAVORITE dishes (out) was Lobster Newberg... have NO recipe to offer, but thinking the under-cooked lobster will finish in SECS in whatever makes up the sauce.