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Dec 26, 2012 01:48 AM

Mozzarella - Taste

Made mozzarella using this recipe:

Everything worked fine - used a 1% low fat milk, commercial rennet and citric acid

BUT - there was really no taste - texture was creamy and ok - maybe missed a bit of the 'rubbery' texture from commercial mozzarella - but that is not the issue and maybe I really don't 'miss' that

But the big thing was that there was just a bland taste

I've had mozzarella all over the place - including small home made batches from Italian mom-and-pop 'delis' (in Italy) - and thought with own home made would get the real thing.

The milk was fresh good-tasting A-1 milk.

Wondering -- ??

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  1. This recipe is missing salt. Not all recipes include it. You can either massage it in during shaping, or soak the hot cheese in salted whey.

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    1. re: Becca Porter

      The recipe lists 1-2 tsps salt, but that may not be enough. I must admit I made my own ricotta last month and didn't find it to have as much flavor as the best that I've bought. (Though it did get better once chilled since it then lost that warm milk taste that is not one of my favorites.)

      1. re: Becca Porter

        There is the 1-2 tsp salt in recipe. Used 1 tsp - do wonder if salt is the only factor to 'taste'

        1. re: jounipesonen

          You can also add lipase for a deeper taste.

      2. Where the Mozzarellas you ate in Italy Cow's or Buffalo's Milk.
        There is a big difference in the taste. Also the breed of Dairy Cow effects the flavor of the Milk as well as Feed and Season.
        I believe that the Swedish Red and the Itailan Brown breeds are the most common Dairy Cow in Italy.
        Their Milk is most similar to the Jersey Cow Milk which we can get round here but I am not sure about where you are.

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        1. re: chefj

          In Italy ate both Cow and Buffalo - Buffalo somewhat tastier but was a bit pricey.

          I'm in Finland where I have found the milk to be very good over the years. (eg I really thought milk in Michigan 2 yrs ago was awful tasting - was 'fresh' and maybe a particular supermarket's supply)

          This mozzarella I made here was not at all bad tasting - just that there was really NO taste - whereas if I buy several brands 'off the shelf' there is a taste I would identify with 'mozzarella.'

        2. My guess is that you need more salt and maybe try whole milk - the best mozzarella I've eaten is made from whole milk. I don't bother with the rubbery grocery store variety though- I prefer the balls of fresh mozzarella sold in tubs.

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          1. re: Sushiqueen36

            Yes - think whole milk and more salt could be it - the thing about the whole milk though is that even with the only 1% milk there was no problem with there being a 'creamy' taste.

            Will give it another shot within some weeks - with whole milk and 2 tsp salt with that recipe - will report back.