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Dec 25, 2012 10:41 PM

Good cocktail recommendations? - Venetian vicinity preferred, but open to any location

Hi - we'll be in Las Vegas this week, staying at the Venetian. We are bay area chowhounds who enjoy the good cocktail scene in the bay area, and are looking for similar good places in the LV. We don't know LV real well, and are looking for some good recommendations for places to get well crafted cocktails.

In a previous trip 2 years ago, just after Cosmopolitan opened, we enjoyed the Chandelier bar, so that's a model of a good place to go. I've also read about Vesper, and that place sounds awesome. But can anyone recommend similar places closer to the Venetian? Ideally something in the Venetian or Palazzo would be great. We tried Fusion in Palazzo and it was ok, but nothing great. (but it was a step up from the regular drinks on the casino floor).

Any other recommendations? The best option for us would be a spot with good drinks, like I've mentioned, PLUS a band for dancing. Anyone have any recommendations for something that fits the bill?


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  1. Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin. Best cocktails on the strip, secluded and quiet, amazing views, and a bench in the elevator.

    1. Bar+Bistro in the Arts Factory, or Artifice behind the Arts Factory. Basic location is Charleston, and Main.

      Bar+Bistro has a bluegrass band for their hangover Sunday brunch, and Artifice is always having bands, or DJ's playing a variety of music styles. They are literally across th estreet from each other, so you can bounce back and forth between them.

      1. The cocktail scene in Vegas hasn't quite caught up with cities like San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, NY, etc, but one place I recently discovered for excellently crafted cocktails is Delmonico. I've been staying at Venetian/Palazzo for years and never would have guessed, but we wandered into their lounge a few months ago and was blown away by their cocktail list and bartenders. Definitely check it out.

        They also make some quality drinks at Parasol Up/Down at Wynn- a little different than what you're probably used to, but good nonetheless.

        (Sorry, neither of these has a band for dancing)

        Oh, I had a terrible experience with the drinks at Fusion a while back too- guess it wasn't just an off night.