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Dec 25, 2012 06:53 PM

PVD/RI 2012 - Your Favorites?

2012 is nearing a close, so it's time to do what nearly all social and media outlets do, and that's reflect... So, community, here are the questions, limiting it to 4 to keep it simple:

1) What was your PVD/RI area favorite DISH for 2012?

2) What was your favorite overall restaurant for 2012?

3) What was your favorite NEW restaurant for 2012?

4) What is your greatest chow wish for PVD/RI in 2013?


PS: Speaking of reflection, on a personal note, while it's surprisingly hard for me to verify this, I think this marks my 10th year posting on Chow(late -hound). It's been half a continent, many dwellings, a developed career, multiple girlfriends, then my wonderful wife and our great children, and many friends and other blessings that that have transpired since my first post. I mean, wow... Chow(hound) was a much more vibrant, rollicking community during my earlier posting years, especially in the PVD scene. While I think there are many reasons for this, ranging from site-specific Chow issues, to PVD/RI economic issues, to larger internet reasons that this (and many) forums have lost vitality, Chow remains a quite special place. Even with the proliferation of Yelp and other ranking sites, there's still nothing quite like Chow and there's no review site I trust as much. Thank you for reading and posting. Happy 2013!

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  1. It is difficult to pinpoint any ONE new dish. I will say that the papardelle with chicken and mushrooms at Caffe Itri is just wonderful. Also, some of the tapas at Besos Tea House I have ordered a few times. My favorite restaurants in Rhode Island are Bacaro, Mills Tavern, Matunuck Oyster Bar, and Cafe ZOOMA. I have been to a few NEW restaurants this past year, but have not found a favorite among them. My wish for 2013 is that my favorites remain as consistent as they are now.

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      For the record, the dish doesn't have to be a *new* one, but can be of any vintage...

    2. 1) impossible to call. squid ink pasta at cook & brown, brussels sprouts with wild boar bacon at broadway bistro were two of the most memorable, but i would probably take a tinga pambazo from chilangos over just about anything any restaurant could offer up.

      2) this is another tough one to quantify. i think chez pascal is easily the best restaurant in PVD, but i'm not sure i would call it my "favorite" per se. los andes and julian's are probably tied for the restaurants i've eaten at the most this year (even though i think the whimpy burger is the only truly great thing on julian's menu...)

      3) dok's deli

      4) some solid (non-franchise) bbq

      1. 1. Actually I have 2 dishes. Alberts Vol au Vent with a lemon Beurre Blanc which is a difficult dish to present being the delicate puff pastry has to be baked to order,
        2. Siena's Taglitelle Bolognese is as good as I had in Bologna Italy.
        3. Over all restaurant is difficult. I only go to about 15 types in RI
        3. New Restaurant is TSK. They made a simple Fried Chicken that good.
        4. Greatest wish is everyone enjoy life and keep on cooking :)

        1. As to #3, easily North in Luongo square on the West Side of Providence. Eclectic and creative menu, clearly taking some inspiration from the chef's time working with David Chang.

          The mini country ham biscuits were so good we had two orders. I almost picked up the bowl of ramen to slurp out all of the amazing broth but decorum got the better of me.

          Finally, as someone whose family hails from Maine, anyone who puts a cocktail made with Moxie on their menu is a winner in my book.

          1. great post Garris, and for the record I've been reading Chowhound for at least ten years + I still find it the best for food recs. I do think that not having a dedicated Prov board has made it somewhat less useful for the Providence area, but that's life. I do always read your posts though, and while I don't eat out as much as I used to and don't post as much as I should these days i do appreciate the threads you get going for Providence.

            I don't think I ate widely enough to really answer your main questions, but the area restaurant i find myself going back to more than any other is Pho Horn in Pawtucket.

            My greatest chow wish for 'round here would be some better Mexican food. Since the Sonoran place in C. Falls closed when the owner died a few years back, i haven't found a single place i really liked.