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Dec 25, 2012 05:29 PM

KNIFE in toronto

Has anyone been here? I'm thinking of going to a sharpening class there as they specialize in Japanese knife sharpening with water stones and they have classes to teach. I'm waiting to get a return email to find what price they charge but wanted to see if anyone has taken a class there or even knows of the place. I believe it's just called Knife Toronto. Thanks

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  1. Knife is a great store and Eugine(the proprietor) is fantastic.

    I went to one of his free,one hour knife sharpening demos a while back and while it was basic it was also very informative.It set me on the righteous path of sharpening my own knives(I must say,I'm pretty good if I do say so myself :D ).
    He also offers a more personal one on one sharpening class(not free but I'm sure it's well worth it).

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        Definitely worth checking out. Eugene is a great guy, nice to have his shop here.

    1. You may find this of interest. From Anthony Bourdain in "The Lay over" @ Tosho knife arts Toronto.