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Dec 25, 2012 05:31 PM

Seeking Kid-Friendly Restaurant In or Near Santa Monica For Lunch on Friday for Party of 10, Including Younger Children

Any suggestions for a Kid-Friendly Restaurant in or near Santa Monica for lunch on Friday? There will be four adults and six children, whose ages range from 11 years old to one year old (all but two are older than 7). I know there is CPK in Santa Monica and Cheesecake Factory in Brentwood, but are there any others I should consider?

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  1. Cheesecake Factory in Brentwood closed about 3 months ago or so. You could certainly go to Tavern (basically across the street from where the Cheesecake Factory used to be). 17th Street Cafe is very kid friendly as is Farm Shop in the Brentwood Mart.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Farm Shop is a great idea, in my opinion.

      The food is wonderful, I remember a kid's menu. There's also a toy store to browse along with 50 cent kid's rides outside the store.
      There are tables outside the shop and after eating at Farm Shop there's icecream at Sweet Rose Creamery.

      1. re: latindancer

        Do they have a kids menu? I have yet to take mine there as I felt there was not much on the menu they would enjoy. And at those prices, I want them to enjoy it and eat it all..... ;-))

        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

          I agree. :).

          They offer a few things on their kids menu....small pieces of fried chicken w/ fries and a few pasta dishes. It's not an elaborate menu but with the choices and then a few side dishes it's definately worth eating there.

    2. I did not realize Cheesecake Factory was gone...having eaten there many times during the last few decades, I'm a bit nostalgic in my fond recollection of eating there with friends and family.

      I've been to 17th Street Cafe and while it's kid friendly, do you think it can accommodate 10 people? I recall it being a smaller restaurant with rather limited seating....Farm Shop looks great, but after looking at its menu, it may be a bit too upscale for young they have a kid's menu? I didn't see one online.

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        Farm Shop does have a kids menu (as far as I recall) and 17th Street has a side room just off the main dining room that can easily fit your party.

        1. re: Servorg

          Thank you for that information. I will look further into both restaurants...appreciate your assistance!

        2. re: califhomme

          kid's menu or not, Farm Shop is going to be expensive.
          love the food.

          1. If your kids love sausages like mine try Wurstkuche in Venice. They open at 11am daily. Very kid friendly in the daytime.

            1. The SM Place mall has some decent options with food most kids will eat, I have been to Sonoma Wine Garden, & Zengo. There's mexican at La Sandia, and pizza at Antica.

              There's also Border Grill on 4th Street; Umami Burgers at 5th and Santa Monica.

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                We've had a lot of preschool dinner dates at Antica, and it's always a hit with both adults and kids.