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Dec 25, 2012 05:24 PM

Windows On The Bay - SFO Hilton

I can't find anything about it except a few yelp reviews. Has anyone here eaten there for dinner and it is at least passable? (If not, is anything walking distance? The SFO Hilton seems a bit removed from other things.)

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  1. Not much on that side of the freeway except for other hotels and office buildings.

    You are close to downtown Burlingame though and there is a free shuttle that stops at your hotel that goes there. Lots of restaurant possibilities in Burlingame. However, if you are looking for something this evening with the holiday and heavy rain, that may not work out.

    1. Hi Imnopm....just wondering if you did eat at Windows on the Bay and what you thought? I may be facing the same dilemma in a few months and any insight is appreciated. THANKS.

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      1. re: connecticut_lady

        I can't figure out exactly where this shuttle would go to, but you're almost certainly better off getting out of the hotel if you want to eat well.

        Burlingame board favorites:
        Sakae, best sushi in the bay area, no fooling
        Mingalaba, burmese
        Blue Line Pizza, same as Little Star in SF, deep dish style in a slightly loud casual environment
        Kabul, persian - very tasty slab of meat with a little rice.

        There are places that don't get talked about here:

        There are some places to stay away from
        Straits - would be perfect, but the SF original was great, PA branch was mediocre, no reports on this burlingame outpost
        Steelhead Brewery - a fairly pedestrian brewpub thing that would be fine in most cities but not really of passing interest in the bay area.

        If the shuttle takes you easily to Millbrea, and you like Chinese food, that's a different story. Or San Mateo, which is very strong in japanese, pretty strong in chinese, and a couple of nice non-asian places.

        If you're in a situation where you can afford to hire a small bus or limo, it's only like 20 minutes to the good eatin' part of SF. As a cab ride, it's about $25 each way, if you've got 4 people that gets reasonable in a hurry. Get a reservation at Foreign Cinema, have the cab take you right there, don't even think about parking, enjoy

        ( Sorry I don't have specifics on that Hilton restaurant. I've eaten at a bunch of the hotels around there, and they're all simply OK, with the food at the Sofitel being a little better, maybe the Hilton is a hidden gem but not likely )

        1. re: bbulkow

          The link in my earlier post shows exactly where the shuttle goes, it stops in downtown Burlingame, One stop is at the Caltrain station. Which would put one within easy walking distance of all of the restaurants you recommend.

          The shuttle does not go to either Millbrae (one town north of Burlingame) or San Mateo (one town to the south).

          1. re: pamf

            Thank you PAMF. You have not only given me wonderful suggestions but also advice of how to reach them. Looks as though I will be headed to Caltrain for some exploring.

            1. re: connecticut_lady

              You are welcome. Burlingame is an upscale little town, so there is a lot of shopping as well as restaurants. It's a very pleasant place for an afternoon or evening stroll.

              If you search on Burlingame on this board you will find more discussion about most of these restaurants.

              Don't forget to thank Bbulkow, he was the one with all the recommendations. :)

          2. re: bbulkow

            Oh my....I didn't realize that there was another person who had posted. I most definitely want to thank bbulkow for taking the time to post such a lengthy and informative list of suggestions. Hopefully I'm going to be eating well during the time I spend in Burlingame.

          3. re: connecticut_lady

            Yes, we ate there. It was perfectly ok. I actually ordered a meal size salad of sorts, and it was decent. You can tell that there were a number of regulars who are probably frequent business travelers. The couple at the next table ordered a salmon fillet, and what came out was beautiful.

            The servers were very attentive and nice. The space reminds me of a time forgotten. The restaurant served its purpose well, i.e., we were settled in, wanted to have something to drink with (and after) dinner and didn't want to drive, and get a good night's rest before a long trip.

            No, not a "chow worthy" destination, but it was fine for airport hotel dining.

            1. re: lmnopm

              And thank you as well IMNOPM. Such fast responses here!
              I'll probably opt for your meal size salad for dinner the night I arrive. I wasn't really expecting chow worthy at anything that calls itself an airport hotel....was hoping for something decent and that's what this appears to be.

              1. re: connecticut_lady

                Airport itself to Millbrae is a Bart connection and gives you access to all the Chinese there.