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Dec 25, 2012 05:18 PM

Sunday Brunch: Beacon Hill area

will be staying in Beacon Hill area - any suggestions for a not-too-fancy Sunday brunch place - boys headed to Pats game on Sunday and since they changed game from 1 to 4 pm - think we will go with the Brunch meal as the meal of the day!


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  1. Try Paramount on Charles Street.

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    1. re: Prav

      Thanks Prav - I thought I would have gotten a few more ideas in the area - maybe the "not too fancy" is a problem <smiling>-anyway - with the boys heading off to a football game - we are not getting all dressed up......
      the Paramount menu looks like it will fit the bill!

    2. I've tried most of the breakfast places on Beacon Hill, and can report the Paramount has the best atmosphere, although not the best food.

      Clink at the Liberty Hotel is also fun, but more pricey (probably twice as expensive as the Paramount for the same/similar food).

      Beacon Hill Inn & Bistro food is excellent, but service is very slow.

      Panaficio can be very chaotic.

      Note about the Paramount: depending on when you go, there may be a line. Normally I'd advocate getting there at open to avoid the craziness, but it sounds like you're looking for more "traditional" brunch timing.

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      1. re: donlan

        donlan: hmm - dont want to wait a long time - when you say "crazy" I assume you cannot make rez' like 30 min ormore to wait?
        If so - is that true for all the spots being recommended?


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          The wait at The Paramount will depend on many factors. I rarely go on a weekend, but have walked by (I live in the neighborhood). "Craziness" = line out the door. This may be tenable in May, not so much in December or January.

          The Paramount, Beacon Hill Inn & Bistro, and Panaficio do not take reservations. Not sure about the Liberty Hotel.

      2. The Hill Tavern always had a pretty good brunch. I haven't been in about 2 years or so, but I always liked the burger.

        Harvard Gardens also does a pretty good brunch as well.