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Dec 25, 2012 04:31 PM

Cast iron skillet- bacon stuck- oh no

Merry Christmas everyone. So I found an old cast iron skillet at the back of my late dad's kitchen cabinet. Took it as a challenge to clean it up and reseason so I could enjoy it. Yes, ignoring the fact that I could buy a new one for 20 bucks!

Researched quite a bit, so many ways recommended. I did the oven cleaner in the plastic bag (twice) to be able to scrape off the gunk. Ok, now it's been cleaned up, final scrub with SOS pad, dried off. Here's the method I decided to do, after compiling advice:

dried the pan in a 200 degree oven for 10 min. Wiped on with cotton rag a thin coating of oil. (Used almond oil, I saw it on a list and it had a higher smoking point than others I had.) 350 oven for 1 1/2 hrs, crank up to 475 for another hour.

It kind of looked the same when done, was it supposed to? Didn't know, so repeated- used olive oil just for fun. (Hope this isn't getting too long, almost done.)

This morning making our holiday bacon and eggs and waffle breakfast, decide to try "new" skillet for the bacon. It totally stuck! How can bacon of all things stick! Also did some bacon in my older larger cast iron skillet- that was fine.

Question- do I reseason the pan? or what... I read that some people say you have to do the whole baking process many many times; other things I read said to bake it once for an hour... I'm confused! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Just keep seasoning it if it's not rusty. I don't think the issue was the pan though. how did you cook the bacon? Did you wait for the pan to preheat? Did you move the bacon too quickly? I've completely reasoned a rusty pan once, removed all teh rust and season and reasoned it by coating some oil on it and putting into a low oven for a couple hours. The next day I preheated the pan (it takes longer than regular pans because ethey're so thick). threw on some bacon w/out any added oil and it was slick and perfect. if that doesnt work, just fry up some fried chicken that should be perfect :D

    1. Have a growing collection of cast iron, since picking up 2 different sized skillet for almost NOTHING at a yard sale... Lodge, Griswold, etc. TOTALLY crusty. I took easy/heretic route and used cheap, dollar store spray oven cleaner on them... MAN the brown GUNK that rolled off them was amazing. Then reseasoned. Think the key is USE cast iron as often as possible. It's pretty much indestructible and can ONLY get BETTER with age!

      1. I think that when you were seasoning the pan, 475degrees just burned off all of the oil.

        1. Use Crisco shortening for seasoning instead of oil. 475 is too hot. Bake below 400 to stay comfortably below the smoke point.

          Here is a link to seasoning instructions from

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          1. thanks to all. I'll try again with crisco at a lower temp, with Mr. Panman's instructions. I didn't buy crisco before because I have all these other oils and don't use crisco- didn't want more stuff in the pantry. Pretty soon this really will cost more than a new pan : )

            Funny about the lower temps- most instructions I read seemed to go for higher. thanks again.